Yahoo Together Group Chat App Launches for Android and iOS

Recently, Yahoo has launched a new messenger app, that is known as Yahoo Together. In terms of design, it looks like Slack and it is to be expected that soon it will start to attract the users of WhatsApp or in other words, we can say that Yahoo Together Group Chat App is the new rival of WhatsApp.

Yahoo Together Group Chat App is available in Google Play Store and App Store

Earlier this year, Yahoo quietly started testing an iOS and Android messaging app, called Squirrel. Which is now officially launching the service as Yahoo Together. This App is specifically designed for people who are in several group SMS threads, with many people discussing a number of different topics at a time.

Yahoo together is available in Google Play Store and App Store for downloading. You can download the App absolutely free. Currently, it is only available in US but soon it will be available in other parts of the World.

With Yahoo Together Chat App, you can do things like set group reminders, design custom reactions, reply and react to messages, mute rooms, and so on.

Moreover, it allows you to chat, share photos, GIFs, links, and reactions. We hope people will like this new chat App of Yahoo and we believe that this app will perform better.

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