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Yasir Hussain Insensitive Comment About Transgender Filled Social Media with Anger

Pakistani actor, Yasir Hussain is under fire over passing insensitive comment and ironic response when one of his followers asked a simple question on his Instagram post. He posted some pictures of hm dresses up as a transgender person for his upcoming new project Help Me Durdana. Probably he is playing a role of transgender or any female in the telefilm which will be released on Eid.

Yasir Hussain tries to be funny with transphobic comments

On those series, someone asked him why producers do not hire an actual transgender person for this specific role. The question was simple and authentic and could be answered wisely however Yasir replied the person who asked the question that if he wanted this job.

Here is the series of comments:

Actor Yasir Hussain is under fire for his insensitive and tone deaf response to a comment on his Instagram post. He posted a series of photos of him dressed up as a transgender person for his new project Help Me Durdana in which he plays a transgender person. The telefilm will be released on Eid. Someone commented on the photo series and asked why the producers hadn’t cast an actual transgender person in the role. Hussain replied and asked whether the the person who commented wanted the job instead.

People on social media were not really amused by his comment and slammed him on media for belittling the issue. Maybe the issue is not that big, but a public figure speaking in such a way makes difference. People are so much angry over him that they have asked the director to take away the role from him due to this comment and for the reason that he is insensitive over the issues faced by transgenders in our society.

Here’s how People have reacted on Social Media:

This is not the first time, Yasir Hussain is under fire due to his tongue and hands slipping down to a stupid joke. He was blasted for a joke he made about child molestation at the Hum Awards in Lahore in 2017. When Ahsan Khan accepted the role of best villain, Yasir Hussain said,Itna khoobsurat child molester, kaash mein bhi bacha hota.Lets see how the fire will settle down.

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