Yayvo Offers Exciting Eid Discounts at Shopping Festival 2016

This blessed month of Ramadan, there is a massive increase in Eid shopping as people crave for new and quality products in fashion, tech and food categories. The discount spree has hit the market as latest released items are being promoted on the basis of huge discounts to increase sales. People are genuinely interested in purchasing their Eid shopping online more than ever due to the to the scorching heat wave in Pakistan.

Yayvo Offers Exciting Eid Discounts at Shopping Festival 2016

With daily fasting, it becomes hard to do an ample amount of shopping. Yayvo is the finest online shopping portal that has devoted this Ramadan to introduce the first ever Eid Shopping Festival with a catchy marketing slogan insinuating its massive user benefits.

“Jahan Yay bhee aur Vo Bhee!”

This festival has an incredible range of items available at 50% discounts that are now affordable to the customers. Check out the Eid shopping page and pick out best dress, shalwar kameez, smartphone, sweets and delicacies that are required to make this a worthy Eid celebration and place your order. These discounts are focused on top tier branded products that are rousing the online shopping fans to action.

Yayvo also offers special Eidi vouchers that can be won by making an esteemed purchase of 1000 rupees.  Each Eidi voucher is worth a discount of 500 rupees which will add more discounts on top of the 50% discount package already offered with every product. Yayvo in collaboration with TCS logistic network will provide free delivery anywhere in Pakistan that will deliver the purchased items right before Eid.

Check out the Yayvo Eid Shopping page and plan your Eid from the safe and comfy confines of your home.

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