You Can’t Share your Location on Google Maps due to Bug

Google Maps is a blessing in disguise. Its feature that lets us share our location with others is a lifesaver. With this feature, users can also set a time limit for which they want their live locations to be shared with someone. Other than this, users can also make this feature available for most of the time until they turn off the location themselves. But, there is a bug that is causing issues with the location sharing feature on these apps. You Can’t Share your Location on Google Maps due to Bug.

This issue was spotted on Google Maps’ support page. Users have complained that users were not able to select the “Until I turn it off” option.

You Can’t Share your Location on Google Maps due to Bug

Due to this bug, they couldn’t allow someone to monitor their current location.

While telling about this issue, a user named Loes Frank wrote on Google’s support page:

“Hi! I am sharing my location for a long time with my parents and brother. Always ‘until I turn it off’ instead of a limited time. For a while, I shared my location with my boyfriend without a time limit but it suddenly doesn’t work anymore. I am still sharing my location with my family without a time limit but with my boyfriend it’s impossible. Also with new people, it’s impossible. How can I fix this?”

It means that the option to allow someone to keep monitoring location until users turn it off themselves, could be seen but it was not pressable.

When this issue was revealed on the site,  Google’s Platinum Product Expert blamed lose for not completing the verification process which asked her to show her age. According to his, due to this feature like enabling location is disabled for her.

However, he was not right since another Google Maps’ user came up on the support page and wrote:

“This is happening for me too, no option to verify the account so it’s already verified. On other family members’ phones, they can still see the option saying ‘until you turn it off.’ Any ideas, Google?”

After these two, the support page was flooded with issues related to the location sharing feature.

While many users are facing this issue, Google has not come up with any official statement regarding it and has not fixed this bug yet. let’s see what will be the next step from the company? Will they accept their mistake? Let’s wait and see what comes next.

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