You Wont be Able to buy Apple iPhone 13 until February 2022

Were you planning to buy Apple iPhone 13? If yes, you might have to wait till February 13. This is due to the shortage of iPhone 13 that is expected to last till February next year. While many would be thinking about the reason behind the mobile phone shortage from such a big company, it should also be mentioned here that Apple is not the only victim in the smartphone manufacturing era. Many other companies have also delayed their smartphone production due to global chip shortages.

Apple being the big company, had survived till now as compared to other companies but it seems that this chip shortage has now hit Apple and its premier Apple lineup is also affected.

Want to buy Apple iPhone 13? You Can’t, thanks to Global Chip Shortage

This news regarding the iPhone 13 lineup shortage has come from Dgititimes who revealed that we should not be expecting Apple to meet customers’ demand till February at least.

Other manufacturing companies had to suffer a lot from the start of this pandemic whereas Apple’s heavy cash reserves have helped the company mitigate the chip shortage in some of the areas. TSMC has reserved its production lines for Apple’s chips but still, the chips are still in short supply, which is hampering the phones to be built up hence resulting in a big delay from the company.

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Tim Cook also revealed that the components shortage especially the chip shortage has cost the company  $6 billion last quarter. He also said that he does not look for the issue to end soon and is expecting this number to grow during the last three months of the year 2021. It seems he was right in foreseeing the overall situation. While the Covid situation is much better now, let hope the next year will end this issue for the tech companies. Till then we have to wait for more time.

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