Young Students From GB Organize Protest Against Poor Internet Connectivity

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be a nightmare for many students around the world. In the case of Pakistan, the indigenous students of Gilgit Baltistan are suffering the most these days. The lack of proper internet connectivity in the region has been troublesome for the disciples.  As the majority of them must walk for miles to get stable internet signals consequently making it tough for them to remain a part of the online classes.

Young Students From GB Organize Protest Against Poor Internet Connectivity

To deal with the connectivity issues, students from all parts of the country have been raising their voices against the pathetic internet connectivity on Twitter with a hashtag “Internet4Gilgitbaltistan. On the social media platform, numerous students have appeared with their internet linked issues and how they have to travel for long distances to become a part of the online classes.


A major portion of students is demanding a semester break until the internet connectivity gets better in the region. They have talked with the administration to get a break due to low-quality internet. Various students also pointed out that education via an online platform is ineffective as it does not provide any productivity or motivation. Every day, Twitter has a trending hashtag regarding online education that has been witnessed globally because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A tweet from the Digital Rights Foundation stated:

Students across Pakistan have been protesting against the shift to online classrooms rightly pointing out that as students from less urban centers move back home, they either lack access to high-speed internet or no internet at all.


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