Your Go-To Companion for Clicking the Best Pictures at Any Point of the Day Using a Triple Camera Setup

The smartphone industry has witnessed a massive shift in recent years. With the ever-evolving customer preferences, various brands have worked tirelessly to innovate and design smartphones that stand out and elevate the customer experience.

Every year, we see new flagships that bring something new to the table, from top-of-the-line features and specs to refreshing designs. However, with the constant evolution of mobile technology, the budget smartphone segment is increasingly seeing more action, getting more competitive with each new launch.

vivo is one such leading brand staying ahead in the game with its renowned youth-oriented Y series. Most recently, the company introduced the new Y53s, another gem in the Y series, that houses brilliant camera specifications, sleek design, impeccable performance, and a long-lasting battery.

The newly launched Y53s is a great addition, almost like a companion for young consumers who value a clear photography experience, visually appealing design and swift performance. It is also worth mentioning that vivo introduces the Eye Autofocus feature for the first time in its Y series, with the all-new Y53s. In a true sense, vivo is democratizing global technologies for the masses.

Here’s why we are in awe of the camera capabilities of vivo Y53s:

  • The vivo Y53s sports a triangular rear camera setup comprising a 64MP Rear Camera*, 2MP Bokeh Camera and 2MP Macro camera along with a 16 MP front camera, all embedded with a myriad of interesting and consumer-driven features and shooting modes.

In addition to this, the 64 MP Rear Camera* features Eye Autofocus – a first for a vivo Y series handset. vivo has always tried to offer a clear and stable photography experience at the best value for money, and this is a classic example of the same.

How is the Eye Autofocus feature a game-changer? The Eye Autofocus feature is designed to solve the consumer pain point of constantly adjusting the focus when taking portraits. It tracks the subject’s eyes and keeps a constant focus on them no matter where they go, allowing the photographers to focus on the composition of the scene and seamlessly capture key moments, even when in motion.

The inbuilt Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) technology of the lens is an illustration of vivo’s modern photography technology. It swiftly establishes autofocus on the subject when taking portraits or wide shots, helping you capture a moment faster than you can blink. The excellent camera features of the Y53s have got you covered at all times!

Even in situations where the subject is facing away from the camera or when the camera is unable to perform eye recognition due to a change of distance, the focus frame is instead intelligently switched to the subject’s face to ensure clarity in the shot.

The Super Night Mode guarantees clear and stunning photographs with enhanced brightness of shots taken in even dim/low-light scenarios, be it indoors or outdoors. This feature uses multi-frame noise reduction to fuse several photos into one photo of high quality. The in-built software organizes multiple images and corrects camera shakes, and also adjusts the colours to yield realistic and natural-looking photographs.

vivo Y53s offers a great front camera experience.

  • Y53s offers a great front camera experience. Thanks to the Super Night Selfie feature that intelligently captures multiple frames and stitches them together, significantly suppressing noise for stunning and clear selfies at night. This feature also supports AI Face Beauty and works in tandem with the Aura Screen Light to brighten up the frame, making it ideal for shooting in low-light conditions.

The afore-mentioned Aura Screen Light can be manually turned on when taking photos with the front camera. It can be definitely used as a studio-grade fill light in dim conditions and also supports the Super Night Selfie feature to meet the needs of shooting in low light/night scenarios, thereby uplifting the quality and clarity of images.

vivo y53s Ultra Stable Video (EIS)  vivo y53s Ultra Stable Video (EIS)

  • Another interesting feature is the Ultra Stable Video (EIS), which is responsible for reducing blurriness due to camera movement when shooting video on smartphones, resulting in better shots. Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology uses software techniques to achieve significant image stabilization without the use of extra hardware, which in turn contributes significantly to the phone’s sleek design along with having photography benefits.

Even while shooting in handheld mode, it significantly improves video capture, resulting in stable and very usable footage. This clever feature improves image stability through cropping, which is set to 20% for standard stabilization. Handheld camera movement is reduced by using a physical gyroscope, resulting in the more stable and clearer video. When the back camera is turned on in video mode, the stabilization feature is turned on by default to empower the user’s creativity and skill.

The Multi-Style Portrait in the Y53s combines AI Face Beauty

  • The Multi-Style Portrait in the Y53s combines AI Face Beauty, tone adjustment, and bokeh effects to better fulfill the unique shooting needs of different users in various situations. Three sets of front camera style templates and four sets of rear camera style templates have been built as part of this functionality, allowing users to simply snap outstanding and great-looking photographs in a range of styles. The bokeh intensity can be modified to meet your needs.

As rightly said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” However, to encourage the photographer in you and make amazing photographs, it is important that you invest in the right technology. If you’re looking for a smartphone with innovative and thoughtful camera features, packed in a sleek modern design and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket – vivo Y53s is definitely worth a spend!

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