Your Google Assistant Recordings are Not Secured

According to the latest report, that not only your home speaker, smartphone or security camera are spying on you but also the third-party contractors are recording and secretly listening to your Google Assistant recordings.

The Belgian broadcaster VRT News has reported that contractors record your conversations with Google Home speakers and these audio clips are being sent to sub-contractors. The sub-contractors transcribe the audio files for subsequent use in order to improve Google’s speech recognition.

Third-Party Contractors are Secretly Listening to Google Assistant Recordings

The Next Web reported on Wednesday.:

“VRT, with the help of a whistleblower, was able to listen to some of these clips and subsequently heard enough to discern the addresses of several Dutch and Belgian people using Google Home,VRT “overheard countless men searching for porn, arguments between spouses, and even one case in which a woman seemed to be in an emergency situation.

The transcribers are hearing just everything and they are gathering all your personal information. They listen to your bedroom talks, domestic violence and in fact each and everything.

Well, it is the matter of the fact that in the era of the technology it is not possible to keep your personal life so private. The situation is getting threatening and alarming. It seems that soon our life will be controlled by all the tech giants.

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