YouTube Comments not Loading? How to Fix it?

Youtube Comments not loading? Well, don’t worry we have a solution. YouTube is quite the most influential mainstream platform, with an abundance of videos that are being added consistently. The audience can rapidly get the idea of the YouTube Channel.

Recently many YouTube users have encountered an issue; the comments on the videos they’re watching are not being displayed. Some of them see the loading symbol that continues to load for long, yet for other people, the comment section is all empty. It’s pretty weird, right? Not only odd bit nerve-racking as well. Because most people love to read comments and then watch the video, the comments help determine whether the given advice works or not. It is also a source of infotainment as millions and millions of people can view others’ interpretations and remarks. It’s like a world within a world.

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YouTube Comments not Loading? How to Fix it?

It is incredibly advantageous for YouTube Users to get some central issues of the Video by reading YouTube comments. In any case, a few users have as of late announced that they see YouTube comments not loading on their sites, except the words for a channel.

In case you’re likewise one of these YouTube users, don’t stress. Coming up next are a couple of fixes that can help you fix this issue.


The primary thing you ought to do is have a go at reloading the video page. There is a possibility that comments may not be displayed given some transitory issues. Furthermore, tapping the reload button might be the option to help you fix it.

On the off chance that this didn’t help, have a go at sitting tight for a couple of moments. Perhaps the issue is on the YouTube side. So you may have to sit tight for quite a while for the comments sections to recover.

Check your Internet connection.

It’s likewise conceivable that the YouTube comments don’t display since you’re experiencing some minor Internet connection issues. To fix this, you can take a simple step that is restarting your switch/modem:

Afterward, turn off your switch/modem. From that point onward, hang tight for 2-3 minutes, and restart these gadgets.

If your issue persists, repeat it three to four times to get the problem solved and get your desired results. 

Use a VPN to fix your YouTube connection.

The Internet connection issues can also disturb the YouTube comment section. Maybe your connection with YouTube is being intruded on. What’s more, to fix this issue, you may require a VPN to sidestep the interferences.

Utilizing a VPN typically requires some time and PC abilities. Generally, you’ll have to set up a VPN worker and build up your connection with that worker. However, fortunately, there is a more straightforward choice, you can utilize a VPN administration. What’s more, we suggest using NordVPN.

NordVPN can help you set up a connection with YouTube without any problem. You’ll have the option to set up a VPN connection with only a couple of mouse-clicks. Furthermore, its quick-speed in numerous areas offers you a pleasant and reliable experience.

Change your YouTube layout.

You can take a chance at changing your YouTube format to the previous one. This technique has helped a ton of YouTube users reload their comments. To do as such:

Step 1:

On the homepage of YouTube, click your profile picture (upper right), and afterward select Settings.

comments not loading on YouTube issue



Click View additional features.

reading YouTube comments

Step 3:

Click the YouTube logo in the upper left corner.

This should return you to the old layout of YouTube. If this works for you, you’ll ready to see the video comments.

Remove Malfunctioning Extensions

If YouTube comments are not loading after you have opened a video, the extension will probably be the reason for the problem on your device.

To affirm whether the application is malfunctioning and because of it YouTube isn’t able to open the comments. Then, open the YouTube page utilizing the Incognito Browsing mode. You can use the keyboard alternate route Ctrl + Shift + N in a Chrome tab to open a incognito window.

 YouTube Comments Not Loading Error

Afterward, attempt to load the YouTube page in Incognito mode. The videos can be impaired in this mode as a matter of course, and thus, you can sort out whether the YouTube comments, not loading problem is brought about by some wrecked extension on your device, which doesn’t occur in the Incognito mode.

Clear Browsing Data

Numerous sites store information locally onto your devices to load them quicker the following time you launch them. So any missing information can cause a wide range of mistakes, and YouTube comments not loading is one of them.

To fix this problem, clear the entirety of your Google Chrome information like treats, saved pictures and documents.

YouTube comments not loading issue

To clear Google Chrome information, you can utilize the keyboard alternate way Ctrl + Shift + Delete to open another tab where you can see precise details. From the Time range drop-down menu, select how much information you need to erase. Then, click on the clear information button.

Clean up Your Windows

Once in a while, your YouTube comments vanish on account of the extra records on your windows (for example, the excessive framework documents or history). Eliminating these can be useful for you to fix this issue.

Check the Comments Section of a Different Video

Once in a while, this “YouTube Comments not loading” issue may happen with one specific video’s comments. Consequently, it’s ideal for checking whether the YouTube comments are not appearing on different recordings by the same token. Likewise, take a look at review the comments section under the video of an alternate YouTube video.

In like manner, on the off chance that you have the “incapable to post YouTube comments” problem, take a look at commenting on an alternate video. This progression is to test if your comments can post across other YouTube channels.

Some YouTubers may have turned on the settings “holds possibly unseemly comments for audit.” Thus, if your comments are getting posted on other videos, there shouldn’t be an issue related to your YouTube account keeping you from commenting.

Rewrite your Comment

So you find that your comments don’t appear to post for this one specific YouTube Video. As referenced already, this might be brought about by particular words you’ve utilized in your comment. YouTubers have the choice to hold “improper” comments that use foul words or by and large spread pessimism. In this way, they’ll need to gradually survey and support these comments for them to be distributed. Be that as it may, it’s improbable for a YouTuber to invest energy reading huge loads of unapproved comments.

Besides, on the off chance that you’ve consistently been posting comments across numerous recordings, your record may get hailed as spam mainly, if your comments are indistinguishable and appear to be crude, by advancing some item by and large disconnected to the video.

Erase your past comment, and modify it before posting your comment once more. However, you shouldn’t use:

  • Swear words
  • Derisive comments
  • URL Links

Sort the Comments Section from Top Comments to Newest First and Vice Versa

Doing this has a comparative impact as reviving the comments sections. Along these lines, users have discovered that changing this setting figures out how to end the interminable loading cycle and shows comments that would somehow or another be covered up.

Also, on the off chance that you notice that your comments aren’t posting, have a go at changing to Newest first. This is because it’s impossible your comment will be on the Top Comments immediately, particularly getting going with 0 preferences.

For this, click the SORT BY catch, and afterward, you can pick the Top comments.

Adblocker and Other Extensions

An ad blocker can limit specific components of a site that are probably advertisements. Regardless, at times it can glitch and inadvertently meddle with highlights of a place, in any event, causing the YouTube comments not to stack accurately. This goes for other additional items/augmentations, too, regardless of whether they’re not set for YouTube.

That being said, we recommend incidentally reducing your internet browser extensions or some other additional items to check if that is the reason.

Using a Different Web Browser

Typically, we propose adhering to Google Chrome since YouTube is all around upgraded for Chrome, considering they’re both under one rooftop. Nonetheless, Chrome is no exemption for confronting problems with YouTube. Indeed, users find that utilizing other internet browsers appeared to be the legitimate fix to a few YouTube issues.

Consequently, open some other internet browser, like Microsoft Edge, which is preinstalled on your Windows PC. Firefox, Safari, and Opera should work as well! At that point, visit YouTube and check if the comments area under the recordings is loading up appropriately in this new internet browser.

Hence, If you discover there are fewer issues with utilizing YouTube, this may imply that there might be a meddling reserve or augmentations in your underlying Google Chrome program. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to use YouTube briefly on the new internet browser. You can follow the above steps to determine the issues with the Google Chrome internet browser.

Sit tight for the Official Fix.

While the YouTube designer group is continually working on improving the client experience on YouTube, there are reports that the YouTube comments not loading on Chrome problem are driven by some new highlights that they are attempting.

On the off chance that this is the fundamental driver behind YouTube not loading comments, there is no way to fix it except for hanging tight for a couple of days. After that, the progressions ought to be returned to the first settings.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you see YouTube comments not loading even after sitting tight for a couple of days, there may be some other mistake that is causing this problem.

Presently, YouTube is thinking about a plan change – to conceal the comments, of course.

Today, YouTube comments lose the noticeable situation on its versatile application. On both iOS and Android devices, you will see the YouTube video itself showing up at the highest point of the screen, trailed by the commitment button for sharing, preferring, loathing, downloading, and saving the video.

Beneath the YouTube video are the proposals from YouTube’s calculation. To see the YouTube comments, you need to look downright until you arrive at the lower part of the page.


Clients frequently read the YouTube comments to acquire some additional video data, and they can examine the mistakes on the subject and share their perspectives. Remark beneath in the comment section if you find this article informative and if it assisted you in loading YouTube comments.

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How would you turn on comments on YouTube?

Here are the guidelines for the users:

  • Sign in to YouTube on a PC.
  • Go to Creator Studio > Video Manager.
  • Select the rate close to any of the videos you need to oversee.
  • At the highest point of the screen, click the Actions.
  • Select More activities > Comments > Allow all comments.

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