YouTube Copyright Match Tool will Help Creators Detect Re-Uploaded Videos Automatically

YouTube keeps on introducing new features for its users as well as creators and no doubt, it is the world’s best streaming app used by millions of people. Just recently the company announced about the introduction of a new feature that will automatically scan each newly uploaded video in order to check if the video is re-upload of every existing one. It also detects the similar video if its already on the platform. No Doubt, YouTube has always remained against people taking profit from other people’s work. The name of this new feature is “Youtube Copyright Match Tool“.

YouTube introduces Copyright Match tool to protect creators from stolen videos

YouTube Copyright Match Tool is not meant for clips but for full videos. According to the video streaming app, YouTube, the creator should be the one who should upload the video and to identify the real creators, YouTube will match the time of all the videos.

When Copyright Match Tools finds a match, the creator can decide what to do with the matches shown by YouTube. There are two options for the creator in such case:

  1. Do nothing and get in touch with the other creator
  2. Ask YouTube to remove the offending video

The creator can either wait for seven days to allow the uploader to take it down themselves, or let YouTube deal with it. YouTube Copyright Match Tool will roll out to all creators who have more than 100,000 subscribers. The company plans to roll it out to a wider base of users over the next few months.

While telling about the feature, YouTube guided that:

“Before taking action, we ask that you carefully evaluate each match to confirm that you own the rights to the matched content and ensure that you believe it infringes on your copyright. You should not file a copyright takedown request for content that you do not own exclusively, such as public domain content. You should also consider whether the matched content could be considered fair use or could be subject to some other exceptions to copyright and hence not require permission for reuse”

It seems that YouTube is finally looking over to help all the creatures on its platforms. Recently, it announced premieres features that will let creators pre-record videos for their live streams. In this way, the creator will be able to focus on one thing rather than answering question/ answers and talking at the same time.

To know more about this feature;

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