YouTube Creators can Create Hype with These Premieres Feature

YouTube is working on its premium features which were neglected for a long time. This time YouTube is adding support for trailers in order to live stream pre-recorded video. Other than trailers, it s also adding support for live pre-shows and customized countdown timers. This step is taken after the company has witnessed 85% surge in the daily users on its eight million channels. Due to this addition, the company wants to make its platform more useful, especially the premieres feature, making their experience better than before.

YouTube expands its Premieres feature with trailers, Live redirects & Countdown Timer

Premiers were actually launched to provide benefits to YouTube Live Streams that includes live chat however the pre-recorded and edited videos had also got the legacy to facilitate people with some controls. These features are used by the creators with the goal of responding to their subscribers but with the pandemic, the usage has further increased leading to the growth of premieres use cases.

Revamped Premieres Feature

Here are the revamped features:

Live Redirect:

This feature facilitates creators with a premiere to hold live stream before the video goes live. In this way, it automatically redirects viewers to the video when it gets started.  This feature will act as a teaser or red carpet for viewers, who will learn about the upcoming streaming and get excited even before its release.


This feature fills another vacant pre-premieres space as it connects a video spanning 15 seconds to three minutes for an upcoming premiere’s watch page. Trailers are used to advertise the upcoming premiers so that it has potential viewers.

Countdown Timer:

It plays before the premier for maintaining the excitement level of viewers with a countdown theme.  The creators are provided with a variety of themes and moods so it matches the content of the video.

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