YouTube Direct Messaging Feature Arrives on Web

Youtube Direct Messaging Feature on Mobile is old now, keeping in views its usage and on user’s demand YouTube direct messaging feature moves from mobile to desktop. Now when you will log on to Google account and browse YouTube, you would be able to discuss about videos with your loved ones on the site.


YouTube direct messaging feature moves from mobile to desktop

It is very easy to use. Just click on a button residing between YouTube Apps and Notifications on the upper right corner of your account where Avatar resides. You can easily access conversations from chat bubble icon.

YouTube Direct Messaging Feature Arrives on WebYouTube Direct Messaging Feature Arrives on Web

On clicking it, you will be able to see chat histories which will allow you to continue conversations. This feature is similar to Hangout on the Gmail web inbox.

Now one can share content into private conversations by using the share button under every YouTube video or select a friend or group where you want to send these videos. Like many other messaging apps, you can leave hearts to like a video or message in the chat.

YouTube Direct Messaging Feature will initially will not change the way your share YouTube videos as many apps like WhatsApp already has the facility to share YouTube videos directly. Upon sharing these videos, you can easily discuss it with friends in private chats. However, if you are the loyal YouTuber, and keep on using the app, you will love this feature. As it would be more convenient to discuss video while staying at the same forum rather than moving to another app for it.

No Doubt, YouTube is the most widely used video streaming app and for this purpose, the company keeps on launching new features to stop its users from shifting to other platforms. Moreover, it is always successful in doing so.

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