YouTube Free Users can now Upload Music to their Smart Speakers

According to news officials, Google has been going mad with the addition of new and enhanced features. The company has been busy preparing YouTube Music as a substitute for Google Music. It is the new way Google wants its users to play music. However, several users don’t like this transition from Google Music to YouTube Music. YouTube Free Users can now Upload Music to their Smart Speakers.

As per the new reports by 9to5 Google, they reveal in some of their news that the free YouTube Music users will directly upload their songs to their smart speakers. By doing this, Google has provided several beneficial incentives to its users.

YouTube Free Users can now Upload Music to their Smart Speakers

Well, it’s not bad at all when it comes to YouTube Music. Google has made lots of effort to introduce new, improved features from Google Music to YouTube Music to make them feel like home.

You can quickly request the personal playlist by name; YouTube Music will immediately identify the correct playlist and play that for you.

According to the news, Google will replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music by the end of this month.

YouTube Music will allow its free users to upload their content to compatible devices, smart speakers, and displays without hindrance. It is giving full independence to its users over their music, and this feature can be used by Reddit users and for Android and iOS.

For the personal playlist update, Google has introduced two significant services – Google Assistant and YouTube Music will work great with each other. As per the reports, YouTube Music was working on this feature a few months ago.

Furthermore, it has been announced that YouTube is expanding its Explore Tab to enhance the searching to include the Global charts. Now its users will enjoy top music videos, top songs, top artists, genres, and trending music. It has introduced trending music from 57 countries, and users will switch charts between available countries.

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