YouTube is Killing its TV-Friendly Web Interface

Almost 10 years back, YouTube released “leanback interface” for TV. Now, it has been revealed that in the near future, this feature will be shut down by the company.

It is not clear why Google is planning to kill this feature that is allowing the computers, Raspberry Pis, and other devices to access a TV-friendly version of the platform.

YouTube is Killing its TV-Friendly Web Interface

According to some insiders, that the web app for YouTube’s leanback interface being exploited on platforms that Google has not made licensing agreements with, and that can be one of the reasons that company is going to shut down the feature.

Youtube says:

This version of YouTube will be going away soon. You’ll still be able to view, but you can get an optimized experience on a supported device. Check your device app store to see if the YouTube app is available for install, or see a list of supported devices at

Nowadays, most of the people have access to smart TVs, consoles and media hubs with a largely identical interface and they are not so active on this feature of YouTube. This could also be one of the major reasons that the company has finally decided to kill the feature.

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