YouTube is Rolling Out Ability to Swipe on Album

In the world of music players, the competitors consider YouTube Music a newcomer to the music streaming scene. Now, the YouTube Music team is working to bring new features to the services after Google curtailed its Play Music services. It will bring changes from major to minor quality-of-life improvements along with the Ability to Swipe on Album.

YouTube Is Rolling Out Ability to Swipe on Album

Earlier this year, we got to experience some changes in YouTube Music such as that allow us to upload music, other than that the company redesigned the player page, rolled out an Explore tab, and much more. And now, some users have noticed that the Android app has received a very useful feature.

A Reddit user has highlighted that now users are able to swipe left or right on the album art to change songs. Previously, no one was able to do that by pressing the previous and next buttons.

The Reddit users said “I’ve been following the YouTube Music subreddit for a long time and users have been requesting an album art swiping feature for a long time, so it’s good that Google finally added this basic feature that’s found in dozens of other music players. Apart from the new album art gesture swiping, the player buttons have been slightly updated, too. They now trigger a smooth animation when you’re switching tracks.”

Presently, the new feature is only available for a limited number of users as we know that Google has a common habit to roll out new features for users in a staggered manner.

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