YouTube is Testing Back-to-Back Skippable Ads

There is a good news for you if you don’t like that the video you are watching on YouTube is interrupted by multiple ad breaks, now it is about to change. We know that these ads on YouTube are annoyingly interrupting you while you are viewing sessions on the app. Now YouTube has posted on its blog a change that it is making in the advertisements.

YouTube will introduce two skippable back-to-back ads prior to the start of a video. According to the YouTube that viewers who watch back-to-back ads before the content starts, will see 40% fewer ads during their video-viewing session.

YouTube is Testing Back-to-Back Skippable Ads

This new experience will first be rolled out to the desktop, then to mobile and TV soon this year. The blog post also indicates that more people are glued to YouTube watching on TV screens, almost 180 million hours were spent every day on average.  The number of viewers watching YouTube on television is growing rapidly, faster than viewer growth on the desktop or via mobile devices.

Moreover, more YouTube viewers are searching content themselves from the YouTube homepage instead of discovering a video from an email.  From the last 3 years, users have increased the time session they have spent watching content found on the YouTube homepage.

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