YouTube Kids- A Completely Separate Website

Now, YouTube Kids will be different website.

Earlier, YouTube created a branch named YouTube Kids. Now, YouTube announced that it is taking YouTube Kids to another level. The company announced that it will be a separate website from YouTube. The new platform will be launched by the end of this week, most probably. Moreover, YouTube also disclosed that there will be filters according to users’ age. The content will be displayed according to the child’s age.

The company says

“We know that what is great content for a 4-year-old may not be great content for a 10-year-old, which is why we want to make it easier for parents to select the right content for their kids on YouTube Kids. “

YouTube says that content control will work with recommended videos and search results. Not every video on YouTube is approved by parents, therefore it will show only those videos which are similar to those approved by the parents.

YouTube Kids

Before this, parents were allowed to opt between two choices. i.e. Younger; Age 8 and Younger and Older; Age 8 to 12. Now the third option is also available. The option is named as Preschool. It is for kids who have an equal or lesser age than 4. However, still, the Approved Content option is visible. A child is only restricted to watch those videos which are approved by its parents.

YouTube came across many issues like disturbing videos or something happening with little kid. YouTube has banned al this kind of stuff from its YouTube Kids. It has not permitted so that many kids will view that and can easily be influenced.

YouTube will be moving all the kid content to its other branch. It means that the revenue could be effected by transporting a larger chunk of videos. However, the videos will also be having ads similar to YouTube.

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