YouTube Kids Now Allow Kids to Update their Own Profiles

The kid-friendly, YouTube Kids is now adding several new features. The app is now designed according to the kids age. The profiles are customized based on the date of birth of kids. There is also an addition of security controls for parents and kids. YouTube Kids Now allow Kids to Update their Own Profiles.

It is more safer way to allow kids to browse YouTube as compared to browse via main app. Interface of the YouTube Kids app is very simple. It comes with fun music and curated selections of kid-appropriate content.

YouTube Kids Now Allow Kids to Update their Own Profiles

Parents were earlier allowed to toggle off the app’s search capabilities and set their own private passcode in response of complaints. In the new updates, the parents can now sign in with their Google account to create customizable profiles for their child or children.

YouTube Kids will change the way it looks according to the kids age. This will be useful for parents with multiple kids. In the new profiles the younger kids will see an app with less text while the older kids will see more content on the home screen of the app. kids with siblings can choose to set their own passcodes to keep others away from their own account, whereas parents can override.

For parents, the YouTube Kids also introduces a new setup process. That provides more detailed information to help them make the right choices related to the parental control options. That also gives more information to the parents about the app.

Balaji Srinivasan, the YouTube Kids engineering director said:

“Remember our systems work hard to filter out more mature content from the app. But no system is perfect,”

YouTube Kids may have some bugs but has proven a popular app. It is now live in 37 countries and has more than 11 million weekly active viewers. Moreover it has seen more than 70 billion views in the app.

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