YouTube Music Now Playing Redesign Comes to iPhones

Android users are already enjoying the YouTube Music redesigned Now Playing UI that did a great deal to help modernize the streaming service. The service is now coming to iPhones.

With this new service, users will now see all key controls on the same screen so there will be no need to repeat and shuffle for the queue. Users will get to see the thumbs up/down moving next to the song name.

YouTube Music Now Playing Redesign Comes to iPhones

“The song/video switcher is now always visible at the top above cover art that no longer spans the full width of your screen. More of the background is themed following this shrink. Meanwhile, tapping artwork will give you the ability to share, download, share, start radio, and Cast. This makes for a cleaner approach, but some consider it too hidden” according to 9to5google.

The new Now Playing UI redesigned is going to available to all iPhone users in waves. At this moment, you can not download this manually, as YouTube has decided to make it available via a server-side update.

While you play a song, don’t miss one important feature that is hidden behind the artwork displayed. Make sure to tap on it in case you want to share, download, start listening to a radio station, or cast.

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