YouTube Music Will Be Preinstalled In Android 10

YouTube Music will be now a default app.

YouTube brings a piece of great news for its users. Now, YouTube’s own branch, YouTube Music will be installed in upcoming smartphones which will have Android 10. It will also sport some of the cell phones having Android Pie. Google is bringing to its own smartphone family including the Pixel squad. It seems like the company has altered its music plan.

All about YouTube Music

Back in November 2015, YouTube Music was launched. Till now, Google has a deal with two separate music services, one is YouTube Music and the other one is Google Play Music. Google Play Music came in 2011. YouTube also has an option of subscription. At first, this service was named as YouTube Red but now called YouTube Premium. Further, those who will subscribe will have access to YouTube Premium. What’s YouTube Premium? Go check it out here.

Moreover, Google also allows a user to buy YouTube Music separately.

Earlier in April, Google declared that it will replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music. Thus YouTube is ending Google’s Play Music. The plan is to merge these two applications into a single one.

But now, it seems like this news has reversed. YouTube Music will be coming to Android 10 and some of the Android 9 smartphones. However, there is no news regarding the closure of Google Play Music. If a user does not get this app by default, he can easily get it from Google’s PlayStore.

Opponents of YouTube Music

YouTube Music App will have opponents including Spotify and Apple Music. It also enables the user to find and stream the songs. Further, it will also include music albums. If a user buys subscription then he will enjoy the music offline. Moreover, it will not contain ads then. However, this service will not allow a user to import Google Play Music’s tracks or liked songs to the latest YouTube music App.

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