YouTube New Feature to Boost Merchandise Sales

YouTube is now helping creators to boost merchandise sales with a new feature and a new report for measuring revenue. From now onwards, when people purchase merchandise by creator during a live stream, the sale will be highlighted in the chat. In a new report on YouTube Studio, YouTube channels can access monthly insights about revenue

YouTube creators can now access to a performance report that is combing multiple sets of data. The new report, that is visible on YouTube Studio, is combining the two existing monthly reports about subscribers and revenue.

YouTube New Feature to Boost Merchandise Sales

The report has a new visualization with a monthly bar chart showing 13 months of data. This report can be used by YouTube creators in order to quickly gauge monthly performance and identify potential seasonal trends.

You can see in the above picture that when a creator’s merchandise is purchased during a live stream, an alert will be shown to the whole chat room. Similarly, when someone becomes a member during a live stream or sends a super chat, it will be notified. The notifications are giving creators a new way to promote merchandise during a stream. It is also giving a new way to fans to show off their support for the channel.

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