YouTube now let you know the tips to earn money

Through ads, rentals, live broadcasting apps, and YouTube Premium revenue, YouTube creators in the company’s Partner Program will receive a lot of different ways. Now YouTube eventually provides the creators with the tips and tricks in the form of a modern monetization parameter named RPM. 

RPM, or revenue per mile, is a twist on traditional statistical YouTube makers currently use CPM, or cost per mile (sometimes called cost per thousand). They do two separate things while the two sound identical. For creators who are trying to grow their channels and find out where their monthly income comes from, RPM is much more useful. 

CPM calculates the expense of each 1,000 ad views until YouTube collects its share of income, but RPM indicates the overall revenue of a company (both from advertising and other fields of monetization) after YouTube deduct its share.     This does not represent a change in how much creators do. Instead, it lets developers to consider where they make their profits, and how they split down the market share. 

Basically, if CPM is a metric focused on advertisers, then RPM is tailor-made for creators. For example, RPM includes the total number of video views, including unmonetised videos. 

 RPM is an instant rundown of the pace at which you receive money on this website. 

YouTube stars are the self-made celebrities of today people who have gained a following by making material for their fans. Many of these personalities are doing what they are doing only to do so, scratching an urge for making something and getting in front of a crowd.

The company is introducing other improvements to make it even simpler for creators to receive more ad money, including supplying creators with exposure to mid-roll advertising on eight-minute videos later this month 

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