YouTube Stories is Rolling Out for Creators Having More than 10,000 Subscribers

This technology world is full of trends. Every on and off we come across to new trends which are followed by millions of people. All the technology firms especially app, try to incorporate the unique feature which later on becomes a trend and is followed by users. Keeping in view the ever-growing response on that particular trend, other apps and tech giants also include the same in their app so that the users can stay on the app for a long time. Following this copy paste race, Youtube has introduced Stories for its users just like Instagram. However, YouTube stories are available for those people who have almost 10,000 subscribers.

YouTube Stories on Android and iOS Updated

One Year back, YouTube launched its own stories, however, this YouTube story was only available to YouTube creators. Tough the video streaming app has plans to expand Stories for more people. Finally, the wait is over and now more people will be able to use YouTube Stories.

People are trolling YouTube for copying its competitors that are Sanpchat and Instagram but YouTube has an exception that stories will disappear after 7 days, not 24 hours. YouTube Stories will help people to be more engaging and communicative.

Another feature introduced today is that fans can comment on stories. They can also appreciate the someone on their stories by “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” comments and “heart” comments, as well.

Youtube keeps on introducing new interesting features to engage its users. A few weeks back, Youtube Video Embeds got redesigned bringing new handy features and shortcuts that made things easier for the users.

Fizza Atique

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