YouTube to Start Full Censorship of Videos from this Week

In the aim to filter or censor the “controversial religious or supremacist content,” YouTube will start removing such videos from this week. The appears on many tech websites from last two days. YouTube to Start Full Censorship of Videos from this Week. Regarding this, in June Google also announced that the company has started isolating videos from YouTube that has some sort of extremist religious content in it.

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YouTube to Start Full Censorship of Videos from this Week

The videos in this category will not able to run ads and posts on it. Viewers will also not be able to comment on those videos as comments will be disabled.

Additionally, these videos will not be included in the recommended lists or be able to play when embedded in other websites and a warning screen will appear before they play.

These restrictions are meant to eliminate the engagement and minimize the videos’ reach.

Google has also introduced a “Redirect Method” that will send the viewers who will be searching for certain keywords to videos that counter extremist content.

Also videos that violated the YouTube policies will now receive a message from the company and they will not be able to appeal the decision if they feel the restrictions are unwarranted.

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