YouTube to Stop Dislike Button Misuse Through New Ways

Almost all the social media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are starving hard to control the abusive content shared on these platforms. YouTube has also added a dislike button to get to know about the dislikeness of any video. But some people are misusing this option. YouTube is well aware of the excessive misuse of dislike button on the platform. Now YouTube wants to Stop Dislike Button Misuse Through New Ways.

YouTube May Stop Dislike Button to tackle the misuse of it

To curb with this issue,  YouTube’s product development team is experimenting with different ways. YouTube suggests that a video with a high number of dislikes doesn’t perform well as it is less likely to be recommended, and therefore, hurts the creator’s channel.

So, the company is planning to make it more difficult for such organized attacks to take place. YouTube is thinking to add any of the below-mentioned options

  • Turn off rating counts by default
  • Ask viewers to give an explanation for a dislike
  • Remove the dislike button

YouTube’s project management director Tom Leung also said that these approaches also have drawbacks. As some people do not have time to write an explanation or some people do not like to express their feelings as well. Moreover, removing the dislike button will also not a very good approach, according to YouTube officials. The director also added that YouTube might not take up any of these approaches if it tends to do more harm than good.

The YouTube team has not taken any decision yet. No doubt, it will be an important decision to tackle this issue without harming the users. Let’s see what YouTube will actually decide to Stop Dislike Button Misuse by which means.

Onsa Mustafa

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