YouTube Users Can Not Use iOS-14 New Feature for Free

Apple has recently released its largest iPhone software upgrade, iOS14, and iOS-14 New Feature picture-in-picture mode is one of the most useful features. This minimizes videos in a small, floating window and allows you to continue to use other iPhone apps. Now picture-in-picture mode or just to run YouTube in the background is a much-searched feature for YouTube users.

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People usually use unofficial applications or Mozilla Firefox either to background YouTube or to listen to music on YouTube, by turning off the screen for battery-saving. For quite some time, everyone wanted youTube to have picture-in-picture mode or background playback. YouTube gradually began to charge money for YouTube Premium which included these features. Apple also makes picture-in-picture for all video applications with the introduction of iOS 14. But the concept doesn’t seem to like YouTube. After all, why someone would like to pay for YouTube Premium if iOS 14 offers you free picture comfort. Of course, YouTube Premium still has some advantages but that’s another day’s debate.

Users Have to subscriber YouTube Premium to Use iOS-14 New Feature picture-in-picture Mode

On your iPhone, open YouTube on your Safari browser. In fullscreen mode, play any YouTube video. Now, when you press the picture-in-picture mode, it reduces the screen for a second and then returns to the original screen size. You can’t watch YouTube videos of Safari in the picture-in-picture format. However, you can definitely do so if you are a Paid subscriber, as the report says.

Comparatively, the iOS-14 new feature picture-in-picture mode on iPads is not a problem. If you’re a Youtube Premium subscriber or not, the picture-in-picture feature would work out as planned if you’re using the same on an iPad running iPad iOS14. We hope that this is a fake and you can get the picture-in-picture mode by default to iOS 14 users.

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