YouTube Video is Annoying? Just Swipe to Right for Next Video

YouTube is a widely used video streaming app used and loved my millions of users. To remain its user base, YouTube keep on launching new features on and off which is the main reason that it remains in limelight. Just few days back, YouTube confirmed that it is bringing support for the mobile app in a new way to navigate through clips using gestures. But now there is some thing even better for the users. Now YouTube Swipe Feature will allow you to swipe the video you find boring to the the next one.

YouTube Swipe Feature: Swipe right on YouTube for next, next, next video

One can swipe the video to right or left. Swipe left and it returns you to the video you were just watching; swipe right and it sends you to the first video in the Up Next list. With the ever growing use of smartphones, swipe is one thing that is done for thousands time. So rather that going down the list to click on the next video. one would be able to swipe right now. It will save time and will also save you from watching annoying video.

Initially every app had click feature which was changed to tapping with time. Now all the apps are jumping  on the swipe-based navigation race. YouTube is one of those apps which are successful in incorporating swipe feature however YouTube Swipe Feature is only rolled out for iOS users. The company has not announced that when this feature will land for Android Users.

The video streaming site always find new ways to increase engagement and time spent on its app. Lets see whats coming next!

Fizza Atique

Fizza Atique is a Tech writer specializing in the intersection of tech and culture. She likes photography, VR, electronic music, coffee, and baking.
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