YouTube will Not Allow Dangerous Prank Videos Now

YouTube, the best video streaming website is full of videos related to every niche. You are making some new dish, just write the name on YouTube and you will come across loads of videos related to it. Now there is something very common in this internet world, there is a challenge that becomes famous and everyone make their video in order to fulfil that challenge.  Sometimes the challenges are very dangerous. Viral internet challenges that encourage participants to record themselves doing crazy and outrageous actions are becoming more and more common across social media platforms.  Now YouTube has passed a new policy that it will not allow any dangerous challenge or prank on its platform. Finally Dangerous Videos on YouTube are banned.

Dangerous Videos on YouTube Banned

Just recently we came across videos in which people doing things like the cinnamon challenge, the hot water challenge or, most recently, the Bird Box challenge. So all such videos will no longer have a place on YouTube’s platform.

According to YouTube:

It intends to incite violence or encourage dangerous or illegal activities that have a risk of serious harm or death. They include bomb making or pranks that put people in physical danger.”

According to YouTube if people will violate their guidelines or fails to make changes to their content, they will be banned from the site. No doubt, it is a very good initiative.

YouTube is a widely used video streaming app used and loved by millions of users. To remain its user base, YouTube keeps on launching new features on and off which is the main reason that it remains in limelight. Just a few days back, YouTube confirmed that it is bringing support for the mobile app in a new way to navigate through clips using gestures. But now there is something even better for the users. Now YouTube Swipe Feature will allow you to swipe the video you find boring to the next one.

Fizza Atique

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