YouTube will soon Allow Creators to Play Pre-Recorded Videos During Live Streams

YouTube has announced plenty of new features yesterday that will blow your mind. It announced premieres features that will let creators pre-record videos for their live streams. In this way, the creator will be able to focus on one thing rather than answering question/ answers and talking at the same time.

YouTube will soon Allow Creators to Play Pre-Recorded Videos

Now it will more easy to communicate in live videos without having fear of doing some mistake. YouTube is also expanding its YouTube Sponsorships and rebranding it as Channel Memberships.

Now Creators will be able to give the name to their fan clubs and YouTube will charge $4.99 for membership, so long as they have at least 100,000 subscribers.

Even now one can design custom emoji for their live streams. This feature will be completely rolled out in a couple of weeks.

The addition of Premieres also means that features which were once restricted to stay only are now able to be applied on pre-recorded content, including, for instance, Super Chat, where users pay donations to own their opinion highlighted and linger longer in a talk that is real time. Premieres is set to roll aside within the next fourteen days and will initially come to select YouTubers just who were tested that is beta.

Another brand-new feature this is certainly coming soon is an expansion of a Famebit integration, which helped brands employ YouTubers to make content that is labelled. Today underneath a video that is labelled there is a shelf marketing and advertising branded products. This particular aspect doesn’t have actually a set roll-out time, however.

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