Ziptech, Absolute Tech & Endgame.i.o Swindled Pakistani Gaming Community

Most of the dealings in the corporate world and specifically in the gaming industry are on a trust basis. Once a trust is broken can never be built back. The same trust breach has been experienced by the gaming community of Pakistan. The three gaming shops Ziptech, Absolute Tech, and Endgame.i.o together swindled the gaming community and the affected people of the community are now speaking up against the gigantic fraud.

This gaming equipment and computer accessory shop worked for many years. They used to import the products and deliver them at a very appropriate price almost 40,000 lower than the market.  Absolute Tech is owned by Fazal Elahi Dittu and used to take pre-orders of iPhones and Mac. Zip Tech is owned by Muhammad Hassan. He started with dropshipping and making PC builts. He then started taking orders for Play Station 5 and RTX 3000 series. He used to claim that he used to buy from the vendors directly. Many people booked pre-orders and deposited their money. Some retail dealers alone paid 6-7 crore to these companies to get the products. These retailers used to hire or bribe renowned influencers from the media market who endorse them and the products they sell.

Later on after the fraud, the media wanted to contact them but they didn’t say any word and even removed the videos they made with the Zip Tech owner. These endorsers are also responsible as people bought after their references and promises and now rather than raising voices against them, they are removing the evidence from YouTube. Some of these famous influencers are as follows:

  • Junaid Akram also endorsed them extensively who is a popular YouTuber known by his name Ganji Swag and is famous for his stand-up comedy and videos that he uploads on YouTube. He also once uploaded his video of unboxing of PS5 from Ziptech but after the default of the dealer has removed the post from YouTube.
  • Bilal Munir from VideoWaliSarkar and Hassan from Zip Tech were spotted in a video in which both were holding each other shoulders and Hassan was presenting PlayStation 5 to Bilal Munir.

However, both have come online in their defense

All these retail shops after taking the pre-booking money gave excuses of Supply-chain issues and asked for more time and then one day all woke up and realized that their contact numbers are unreachable and they are no more in their shops. The affected people of Absolute Tech gathered and went to Fazal’s father who showed them the stamp paper which says that they have un-owned him since last 2 years which he did a scam of same kind. The parents paid all the money of the affected people at that time and disowned him. Zip Tech did a scam of more than 25-50 crore. Together these dealers ran away with estimated money of 145 crores PKR.

Let’s see what his Ziptech owner’s wife said about all this:

PPG apologized to the Pakistani Gaming community for such a horrible incident. Usman Sheikh on behalf of PPG says that they take responsibility that they added these defaulters in verified sellers. According to them the massive 500 vouches and up-to 2000 votes in the best seller cast from Karachi by PPG members were taken before Hassan from Absolute Tech was made the verified seller. Their work was so challenging and promising. They started supporting the sports guys and many people used to endorse them which made their service and products more promising to take the decision to make him an authorized legal dealer.

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The whole fraud act has damaged the gaming community. It took PPG 11 years to set the friendly and safe ground for the Local PC Community scene and these three fraud dealers took just a few months to destroy everything. The people must not blindly believe any of the influencer sponsors of any product. If any dealer sounds to be too good, people must report him. There must be something fishy going on.

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