Zong Provides More Recharging Options with Easypaisa

Zong 4G is Pakistan’s second-largest GSM mobile service provider and third largest mobile service in terms of a subscriber base of 36 million. It took the initiative to provide its customers with more convenient options for online recharge. t has partnered with Easypaisa to offer users another valuable mobile top-up option. In partnering with Easypaisa, Pakistan’s leading digital and cellular mobile operator Zong 4G provides other easy mobile recharging options.

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Zong 4G has collaborated with Easypaisa to give users another easy smartphone top-up option. The largest provider for cellular and digital services in Pakistan. The development is part of Zong’s Online Recharge options where the user experience has been updated and mobile top-ups options offered to customers.

Recharge choices Easypaisa to Zong  4G

Adding Easypaisa to the charging options of Zong 4G enables the transaction of mobile credit n by users who choose digital financial services over credit or debit card payments. Easypaisa and other online recharging options are available 24/7 via My Zong App and on the website of Zong 4G. Recharge choices Easypaisa to Zong 4 G in response to the high usage and increased reliance on Zong 4G online recharge platform, the step towards improving the omer experience when it comes to online mobile top-up has been taken.

With Easypaisa being the first step in this way, the company is empowering the network further to provide the maximum possible payment choices. As a customer-centered company, it has been a top priority for Zong 4G to deliver customer satisfaction in all realms.

Zong’s customer-centricity and its passion for guaranteed innovation show its partnership with Easypaisa as well as its improved online recharging process with new and popular payment options.

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