Zong SMS Packages VS Telenor SMS Packages- Daily, Weekly & Monthly

In Pakistan, there are four mobile operators. They all are offering SMS packages to the customers as they know that most people prefer to message just because of their busy routine. In order to facilitate the customers, these operators are offering daily, weekly and monthly SMS packages according to their requirements. These different SMS packages give options to customers that they can easily opt to fulfill their requirements. Zong and Telenor SMS packages.

Zong SMS Package-Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Daily 1Daily SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs. 3.99 + Tax500 SMS/day30 MB/dayMidnight same day
Daily 2Zulu SMS BundleRs. 2.50 + Tax500 SMS/day500 SMS/dayMidnight same day
WeeklyWeekly SMS BundleRs. 14 + Tax1,200200MB7 days
Bi-Monthly15 Days Unlimited SMS BundleRs. 149 +tax15 Days 20000 SMS(All networks) —15 Days
MonthlyMonthly SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs. 50 + Tax500 SMS/day for 30 days30 MB/day for 30 days30 Days

Telenor SMS Package-Daily, Weekly & Monthly

WeeklyWEEKLY SMS BUNDLERs. 7.00 incl Tax1000 SMS__7 Days
MonthlyMONTHLY SMS BUNDLERs. 40.00 incl Tax5000 SMS__30 Days
DailyDaily SMS BundleRs. 4.00 incl Tax200 SMS__1 Day
5 Days5 DAY SMS BUNDLERs. 7.00 incl Tax300 SMS —5 Days
Bi-Monthly15 DAY ECONOMY SMS BUNDLERs. 14.50 incl Tax600 SMS__15 Days

Final Verdict of Zong SMS Packages VS Telenor SMS Packages- Daily, Weekly & Monthly

If we compare the Zong and Telenor SMS packages then we have concluded that both companies are offering 5 different SMS packages. Zong is offering more SMS and more WhatsApp MBs in low rates on the daily, weekly and bi-monthly basis as compared Telenor. However, the monthly SMS package of Telenor is far better than Zong.

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