Zong Soon to Redesign its 4G Logo

Zong or China Mobile Pakistan is Pakistan’s first 3G+4G network provider. Zong always facilitate its customers more by introducing new packages and new services. This time Zong Soon to Redesign its 4G Logo. There is no exact date to reveal that logo by Zong.

Zong Soon to Redesign its 4G Logo

Previously, Zong revealed its 4G logo after winning the anticipated Spectrum for Next Generation Mobile Services. Curent logo of Zong 4G is

Zong Soon to Redesign its 4G Logo

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Zong new Logo will be off different colors and style.


When China Mobile Acquired Paktel, it created a stir in not only the local market but also the global arena as this was considered the Chinese operator first outing overseas it made other operators fear the awakening of the Chinese dragon in the telecom space as well.

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