Zong’s Concept Store – A Customer Haven for all Worries

Zong 4G has been making claims of placing customers’ needs before anything, we paid their concept store a visit as to find out what the hype is about and to see how the company places customers at its heart.

Based on my experience, it is more than just talks. The company does deliver impeccable services in their unique concept store. While posing as an eager and excited customer, I tested the staff through my never ending questions about purchasing an MBB device. I also inquired the staff about changing my cellphone carrier to Zong 4G and here’s how the Concept Store staff facilitated me.

Zong’s Concept Store – A Customer Haven for all Worries

Zong 4G, A Customer Haven for all Worries

The response time was fairly minimal from the time a person enters the concept store to acquiring a token and getting his query addressed. All service interaction touch points by the company are well mapped and the expectations are met. The people manning the sales and service centers are well equipped with all sorts of information and addressed my matters politely and timely.

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Within 15 minutes, I had the device activated in my hand. When I asked the Zong’s customer representative about the Mobile Broadband device, I got the response and the devices within a minute. Two different devices were placed in front of me to choose from. I chose the portable device which acts as a mobile hotspot and connects up to 10 users. My major concern was the price of the device but the current discount offers on the device made my day.  Ensuring my access to great connectivity, the customer service representative inquired about my data needs and guided for a suitable package to suffice my needs. Coming home and using my device, I realized that I really did really get value for money by paying Rs. 2500 for 75GB internet and free data up to 100GB from 1AM – 9AM.

It was really interesting to see that I wasn’t the only one whose query was addressed, each and every customer who held the token had their query addressed, swiftly.  It not only made customers happy but also made them feel valued like I did.

Zong’s Concept Store – A Customer Haven for all Worries

That’s not the paramount of customer service at the concept store, it is in the tiny things that Zong 4G offers that reinforce a customer’s loyalty. The way staff greets you or understands your needs to inquiring if you are having a good day. It all adds onto the experience they are defining for you.

Zong’s Concept Store – A Customer Haven for all Worries

It is an ideal state-of-the-art store that makes both, the most routine and the weightiest customer experiences worth the visit. When one walks into the Sales and Service Center, one typically expects to see few customer representatives providing SIMs, MBB devices etc but that was not the case here.  A good number was seated, providing end-to-end services.

The company is going an extra mile with innovative multi-purpose store providing 4G mobile phones, accessories and IOT solutions.

Visitors take full advantage of the entire range of Digital Solutions. I especially liked the fun creative zone of Enterprise Solutions corner with IoT solutions & applications that you can see above and live video streaming kiosks.

However, the 4G mobile phone options provided in the handset corner are a little limited. The only mobile phones available were OPPO, Huawei and few Samsung phones.  So, there is a need to provide more options. Despite that the company does provide you with option to use the mobile phone or any other product to get first-hand experience which we don’t expect to happen at the handset shops.

Zong’s Concept Store – A Customer Haven for all Worries

Zong 4G is truly delivering happiness. The company has delivered a customer oriented culture where every service employee feels pride in delivering an excellent customer service. The real time experience of services like their MBB devices and handset corner gives one the glimpse of what their approach towards the customers is about. I for once was able to explore to know what’s best for me. The response time is great, the design of the store is sleek, innovative, chic unlike an operator’s store and more of a digital company’s outlet like that of Samsung or Microsoft.

Zong’s Concept Store – A Customer Haven for all Worries

Customer experience matters to them because they are focusing on an overall experience and this is what keeps me loyal to Zong 4G as when it comes to using a network. For me, it’s a lifetime decision and I need to pick an operator that facilitates me in every way.

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