Zoom Adds Facial Effects

During pandemic, Zoom received a lot of fame among the officials and non-officials as a serious meeting application for businesses. The app become one of the most-used services in a very short span and people who wants to have a face-to-face virtual conversation, started to appreciate the app. Due to the huge appreciation from the masses, the company got encouraged and has started to add more fun stuff, like weird backgrounds, to use for online family gatherings, friend chats, and for business meetings.

Now, the company has introduced a feature called Studio Effects that allows users to add a variety of eyebrows, facial hair, and lip color to their video image during Zoom sessions.

Zoom Adds Facial Effects

In order to access it From there

After completing the process, you can affect any look accordingly. You can try Groucho Marx eyebrows or a villainous goatee or bright green lipstick. All these features are there, if you want to try. Moreover, you can also set your facial effects for official meeting as well as for non-official meeting.

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