Zoom to launch native support for M1 Macs

With the ever-growing popularity, Zoom is trying to make its app more user friendly and equipped with new features. Moreover, the company is also trying to extend its support for more devices with time. In such a move, the company has rolled out an update, bringing support for Apple’s new M1 Macs processor. In a press release from the company, Zoom announced that it is soon going to launch new Zoom software for Macs. This version was initially scheduled to be launch on December 21, however, there is a slight delay in the plan. Furthermore, Zoom revealed that this new version will bring support or Apple Silicon processors.

Zoom to launch native support for M1 Macs

The release also specified that this new version of Zoom will offer better support for computers with ARM CPUs. Due to this reason, the company will launch the separate installer in Zoom Download Center. Currently, this installer is not available so the company might be adding it in a couple of weeks.

Apart from Mac support, the company will include non-verbal feedback, enhanced security features and text messages support. Currently, M1 MACs can efficiently run the Zoom desktop version for macOS however it is slower and drain more energy as compared to M1 processor.

During the ongoing pandemic which is not going to end anytime soon, Zoom has remained alife savour and Mac owner needed it badly for their official meetups and online lectures etc.

Moreover, keeping in view the growing popularity, this video conferencing platform has decided to launch its own email and calendar services in the coming year. let’s see whether these both products will be a huge hit or not.

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