Zong SMS Packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Prepaid & Postpaid

Today we are going to take a look at Zong SMS Packages which include Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Prepaid, and Postpaid. Zong keeps on introducing Zong SMS Packages to let you stay connected with your friends and loved ones. Zong has introduced SMS packages for prepaid and postpaid customers (we also have an article written a great article on ZONG CALL PACKAGES and how to get them). In this article, we cover all Zong daily SMS Packages, Zong weekly SMS PackageHere is the list of Zong SMS Packages.

Zong Daily SMS Package

Rs.3.99/-500 SMS/day100 MMS/day1MB30 MB/dayMidnight same dayDial *700# and reply with 1
Rs.5/-100 SMS30MB1 Daydial 118*1#
Rs.8/-800 SMS50MB+ unlimited on net mins1 DayDial *999#
Rs.8/-100SMS50MB +100 on net mins1 DayDial  *2200*1#
Rs.8/-100SMS90 free Mins1 DayDial *369#
Rs.8/-500 SMS10000 Free on-net Mins1 DayDial *666#
Rs.12/-500 SMS10000 Free on-net Mins40MB1 DayDial *118*2#

Zong Zulu SMS Bundle

Rs.3500 SMS/day1MBN/AMidnight same dayDial *700#

Zong Weekly SMS Package

PriceSMSMMSMB/ MinsWhatsAppValiditySubscription
Rs.17/-1500 SMS1MB200MB7 Daysdial *702#
Rs.90/-500 SMS500 (on-net) mins + 40 (off-net), 500MB7 Daysdial *7#
Rs.150/-700 SMS700 (on-net) mins + 40 (off-net), 700MB7 DaysDial *6464#
Rs.250/-1500 SMS1500 (on-net) mins + 100 (off-net), 1500MB7 DaysDial *70#

Zong Monthly SMS Package

Rs.50/-500 SMS30MB30 DaysDial *705#
Rs.300/-1000 SMS1000 (on-net) mins + 100 (off-net), 1000MB30 DaysDial *1000#
Rs.385/-2000 SMS2000 (on-net) mins + 150 (off-net), 2000MB30 DaysDial *6464# > 4 > 2
Rs.500/-1000 SMS1000 (on-net) mins + 50 (off-net), 2500MB30 DaysDial *1313#
Rs.615/-4000 SMS4000 (on-net) mins + 300 (off-net), 4000MB30 DaysDial *3030#
Rs.1000/-1500 SMS2000 (on-net) mins + 150 (off-net), 5000MB30 Days Dial*1313#
Rs.1155/-8000 SMS8000 (on-net) mins + 600 (off-net), 10000MB30 DaysDial *1500#
Rs.1500/-3000 SMS8000 (on-net) mins + 200 (off-net), 8000MB3 MonthsDial *1313#

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