Mobile Phones Taxes in Pakistan Calculator: Find Out Exact Tax/Customs Rates!

Find the approximate taxes / duties to pay for a phone that you want to Import - Mobile Phone Taxes Calculator

You can bring in one mobile phone (feature or a smartphone) to Pakistan without paying customs duty or tax. But, if you are planning to “import” a phone or bring with you more than 1 (one) mobile device, you’d have to pay taxes for each respective device whether a feature phone or a smartphone/tablet.

We have been writing news about importing mobile phones into Pakistan, recently, here’s a complete guide for international travelers bringing in mobile devices to Pakistan.

Since you are here to find out the approximate mobile phone taxes that you would have to pay at the Airport or at the customs office, this table below would help.

Mobile Phones Taxes in Pakistan Calculator

Choose your Brand > Select Your Model > You’ll get the approximate tax payable.














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How does the table above calculate taxes?

For every cell phone, these are the various taxes that you will be liable to pay if you are importing a phone through Ali Express or any eCommerce website online.

1. Customs Duty = PKR 250 Fixed

2. Regulatory Duty (Based on phone prices in USD)

  • If $1 to $60 = PKR 250
  • If $61 to $130 = 10% of Mobile value
  • If $130+ = 20% of the Value of the Phone

3. Sales Tax = PKR 1500

4. Additional Sales Tax = 3% Fixed

5. IT Duty = 9%

6. Mobile Levy (based on phone prices in PKR)

if cell phone value is PKR 10,000 to 40,000 = mobile levy will be PKR 1000

If PKR 40,000 to 80,000 = PKR 3000

If Over PKR 80,000 = PKR 5000

7. Provincial Tax = 0.9%

Add the above values and you will get the exact tax value that you’ll have to pay.

Want us to find the applicable tax on a smartphone that is missing in the calculator above?

Simply, comment below the name of the smartphone along with the model, we’ll let you know the tax that you’ll be liable to pay for that smartphone. We’ll also add it to the calculated taxes table above.

Hope you found out the excise duty for the mobile phone you plan to import. We know these rates are high and we think the government should take appropriate steps to minimize these taxes soon.

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Fahad Khan

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    1. We’ll add all the new smartphones pretty soon, please wait. Until that, you can try to calculate it on your own, using the calculations mentioned above.
      Thank you

  1. Hi sir i have a question sir i have sumsung A30 model mobile i bought 2 month before … mobile fone not register from PTA … how can paid tax and how much please reply me as sooon as possible ????

    1. We’ll soon update the list, stay tuned.
      For now, if you know the price of your phone, use the calculations above to find out the tax that you’d be needing to pay. Thanks

  2. Please let me know the Tax on Iphone 5s. I bought it second hand very cheap for Rs. 14000. So will I have to pay tax like for a new phone? Kindly let me know as soon as possible. Thanks

  3. Hello Sir my mobile price is ten thousand rupees ( I phone 6 use ) how many tax I paid please guide me .

    1. We’ll be adding it soon, stay tuned. For now, you may calculate it through the formula mentioned above. Use the price of your phone in USD for which it was launched (FBR does that).

  4. Hi, I bought s10+ from Islamabad 3 weeks ago, I checked the imei of slot1 and it was PTA compliant and approved and forgot to check imei 2. The shopkeeper said it is PTA registered, now I recieved message from pta that imei 2 is valid but not PTA approved / registered and it will be blocked after few days of I don’t pay tax.
    What should I do ,? Please reply me. Should I go to that shop in blue area from where I bought my phone ?

  5. I have 2 very old mobile phones which are not register one in Nokia 2100 & Other is Nokia N79. Please tell me what is the tax value on it. As i submitted application at PTA website but they said we will notify you how much tax need to pay.
    I think these both Modals are not in their data due to too old modal.

  6. Oh okay, thank you brother, I was really worried. Thanks alot. You r d Man 😁 . I will email and update here so that other who face same problem like me know what to do. THANKS alot Brother
    Jizak Allah

  7. I am going to China next month and I have a galaxy note 8 which I am using in Pakistan and will be using in China as well, registered with PTA. I will be buying a oneplus phone from China. Will I be charged with tax upon my return to Pakistan on oneplus phone?

  8. How much total including all tax and duties, i have to pay to register imei for used Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ram4 & 32gb storage single sim.

  9. How much total amount (tax & duties etc) i have to pay for the registration of samsung galaxy note 5 used 4ram 32 gb storage.

  10. Tablet
    Model number
    Kindly find the tax fare approx. Because my table is blocked by PTA. Kindly consider.

  11. Asalamoalikum Sir.

    How much duty I have to pay on Lenovo tablets if I have got two tablets as a present on arrival at Islamabad international airport.

    I have got one Android mobile which I have used in Pakistan do I have to pay duty on arrival at isb airport traveling from Dubai

    H I have got one more mobile for personal use which I purchased from Dubai and is not I have to pay taxes on that as well

    1. Wassalam Sharafat,
      1) TABLETS:
      If both of these do not have SIM slots or connectivity options, then you do not have to worry about anything.
      If they have SIM slots / and are 3g/4g, then you need to pay taxes to register those tablets.
      No, it would already be paired with your number and no registration needed here, you are good to go.
      You are required to register this phone with PTA.

      Now the overall scenario, if your tablets do not have SIM Slots, you already have one phone that you used here at pak, only 1 remains as unregistered. You’ll have to pay nothing!! As you can bring in 1 mobile device per year that you’ll be able to register free of cost.
      Hope that helped you.
      If you need any further info, you can ask freely.

  12. Hello. I got a cellphone from my friend. I received an SMS that it is not PTA approved. I followed your process and entered an COC. The duty amount is 52 Thousand PKR. I don’t want to pay such amount for a phone which is worth just 10 thousand. I will return it back to my friend. Problem is that now that COC has been registered with my Mobile Number. Do I have to pay the duty?

  13. sir mere pas motorola g3 ha jw second hand ha mene 8000 ka lia tha pta ne block krdia ab ktna tax pay krna hwga is per ?

  14. Main ny 2 month pahly mobile lia tha Lahore haal road sy c7 samsung us dono slot chal rahi thi ab ik ad lot block ho gai hai msg aya Your mobile device IMEI is valid but not PTA Approved/Registered and is active on ZONG since 2019-03-19. Please register your mobile at within 60 days from its first activation and pay the FBR tax/duty fee, otherwise your mobile will be blocked after 410040753261986,,2019-05-18.ab kia karo please help

  15. Will there be any customer duty if a person is using Samsung A10 mobile but he is bringing his old Q-Mobile A-10 to Pakistan so will there be any duty on that Q-Mobile ??

  16. I want to bring just one mobile.
    Will i have to pay custom or can i registered it for free through online portal?

  17. hi Fahad….. my father is bringing two mobiles from saudia, j7 and A70 samsung, is there any solution that we can register mobiles without paying taxes? hope u’ll suggest something better…… thanks

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