Mobile Phones Taxes in Pakistan Calculator: Find Out Exact Tax/Customs Rates!

Find the approximate taxes / duties to pay for a phone that you want to Import - Mobile Phone Taxes Calculator

You can bring in one mobile phone (feature or a smartphone) to Pakistan without paying customs duty or tax. But, if you are planning to “import” a phone or bring with you a mobile device, you’d have to pay taxes for it whether a feature phone or a smartphone/tablet.

Update (24th September 2019): Taxes have been reduced quite a lot, most of the calculator entries have been updated. If your smartphone isn’t in the list or you think the tax mentioned is extremely high, please ask about that in the comment box below, we’ll send you the exact tax amount that you’ll be liable to pay.

We have been writing news about importing mobile phones into Pakistan, recently, here’s a complete guide for international travelers bringing in mobile devices to Pakistan.

Since you are here to find out the approximate mobile phone taxes that you would have to pay at the Airport or at the customs office, this table below would help.

Mobile Phones Taxes in Pakistan Calculator

Choose your Brand > Select Your Model > You’ll get the approximate tax payable.













Google Pixel


How does the table above calculate taxes?

For every cell phone, these are the various taxes that you will be liable to pay if you are importing a phone through Ali Express or any eCommerce website online.

1. Customs Duty = PKR 250 Fixed

2. Regulatory Duty (Based on phone prices in USD)

  • If $1 to $60 = PKR 250
  • If $61 to $130 = 10% of Mobile value
  • If $130+ = 20% of the Value of the Phone

3. Sales Tax = PKR 1500

4. Additional Sales Tax = 3% Fixed

5. IT Duty = 9%

6. Mobile Levy (based on phone prices in PKR)

if cell phone value is PKR 10,000 to 40,000 = mobile levy will be PKR 1000

If PKR 40,000 to 80,000 = PKR 3000

If Over PKR 80,000 = PKR 5000

7. Provincial Tax = 0.9%

Add the above values and you will get the exact tax value that you’ll have to pay.

Want us to find the applicable tax on a smartphone that is missing in the calculator above?

Simply, comment below the name of the smartphone along with the model, we’ll let you know the tax that you’ll be liable to pay for that smartphone. We’ll also add it to the calculated taxes table above.

Hope you found out the excise duty for the mobile phone you plan to import. We know these rates are high and we think the government should take appropriate steps to minimize these taxes soon.

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Fahad Khan

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    1. We’ll add all the new smartphones pretty soon, please wait. Until that, you can try to calculate it on your own, using the calculations mentioned above.
      Thank you

      1. Whats the tax for leagoo S8 please and is paying it complicated or hassle free. I want to order on ali express.

      2. Hi fahad. I wannted to ask my mom is going to bring an iPhone x for me from dubai and it’s used. My mom has no other phone. She will be having mine only. Please tell me will she pay any tax on airport? And what about the PTA registration?

      3. Yes, unfortunately, she’ll have to pay taxes. She wouldn’t be stopped on the airport of anything like that. You could start using the phone but within 60 Days you’d have to register it. Either by dialing *8484# or visiting

      4. Hey fahad .may i know the pta charges for note10 . My friend will get it for me from dubai .

      5. Hello,
        Ask your friend to register it on Passport, you’ll have to pay 31250 on Note 10.

      6. i want to know tha tax payable amount on iphone x 64 gb variant accprding to new tax list

      7. I want to buy umidigi a5 pro costing $90 us dollars what will be the custom tax and PTA tax

      8. Bhai mein iphone 11 ka lena ka soch raha tha ap bataein ki us ki abhi pta approved ki charges kitni hein?

      9. Hello Noman Bhai,

        Agar ap ne iphone idhar Pakistan se lena he pta approved tou visit any mobile store unse price mil jy gi apko. Ya agar ap ne iphone 11 import krna he, dn you’d have to pay Around 32k on Passport and Around 41K on ID Card to register it with PTA.

      1. hello bro.i order a Blackview A60 mobile from aliexpress about 45 Dollers.
        dear plese tell me which type of tex and duty is mobile is collected by costoms LHR.

      1. Hello,
        Registration via Passport, the tax will be around 35k. Via ID card, 40K – 45K

      2. We are expat Pakistanis living in the UAE,
        My daughter has gone to Pakistan for university studies, she has I phone 7S for last 3 years, but the tax that she has to pay is really very high according to your calculator, I’m afraid that she won’t be able to pay that, what’s the solution? Can she use that phone without SIM?
        One more query, isn’t 1 personal mobile exempt from this duty?

      3. Hello,
        Unfortunately, the “baggage facility”, 1 personal mobile phone that was previously exempted from the duty, has been discontinued. Ask your daughter to register the device within 60 days on arrival, she’ll pay around 31K not 42K. Still much, but that is what you’d have to pay in order to use the phone.

      4. Plz tell me tax amount for following phones
        Nokia 6700 classic
        Nokia 2630 classic
        Nokia Asha 200

  1. Hi sir i have a question sir i have sumsung A30 model mobile i bought 2 month before … mobile fone not register from PTA … how can paid tax and how much please reply me as sooon as possible ????

    1. We’ll soon update the list, stay tuned.
      For now, if you know the price of your phone, use the calculations above to find out the tax that you’d be needing to pay. Thanks

  2. Please let me know the Tax on Iphone 5s. I bought it second hand very cheap for Rs. 14000. So will I have to pay tax like for a new phone? Kindly let me know as soon as possible. Thanks

  3. Hello Sir my mobile price is ten thousand rupees ( I phone 6 use ) how many tax I paid please guide me .

    1. We’ll be adding it soon, stay tuned. For now, you may calculate it through the formula mentioned above. Use the price of your phone in USD for which it was launched (FBR does that).

  4. Hi, I bought s10+ from Islamabad 3 weeks ago, I checked the imei of slot1 and it was PTA compliant and approved and forgot to check imei 2. The shopkeeper said it is PTA registered, now I recieved message from pta that imei 2 is valid but not PTA approved / registered and it will be blocked after few days of I don’t pay tax.
    What should I do ,? Please reply me. Should I go to that shop in blue area from where I bought my phone ?

  5. I have 2 very old mobile phones which are not register one in Nokia 2100 & Other is Nokia N79. Please tell me what is the tax value on it. As i submitted application at PTA website but they said we will notify you how much tax need to pay.
    I think these both Modals are not in their data due to too old modal.

  6. Oh okay, thank you brother, I was really worried. Thanks alot. You r d Man ? . I will email and update here so that other who face same problem like me know what to do. THANKS alot Brother
    Jizak Allah

  7. I am going to China next month and I have a galaxy note 8 which I am using in Pakistan and will be using in China as well, registered with PTA. I will be buying a oneplus phone from China. Will I be charged with tax upon my return to Pakistan on oneplus phone?

      1. You can bring one phone for free? Also you mentioned you can use the phone for 60 days does that mean use it with local sim?

      2. One free phone, also called “Baggage Facility” isn’t valid anymore. You’ll have to pay taxes on each and every phone that you brought into Pakistan. Also, your phone will work for 60 days, after then no local SIM would work on it.

  8. How much total including all tax and duties, i have to pay to register imei for used Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ram4 & 32gb storage single sim.

  9. How much total amount (tax & duties etc) i have to pay for the registration of samsung galaxy note 5 used 4ram 32 gb storage.

  10. Tablet
    Model number
    Kindly find the tax fare approx. Because my table is blocked by PTA. Kindly consider.

  11. Asalamoalikum Sir.

    How much duty I have to pay on Lenovo tablets if I have got two tablets as a present on arrival at Islamabad international airport.

    I have got one Android mobile which I have used in Pakistan do I have to pay duty on arrival at isb airport traveling from Dubai

    H I have got one more mobile for personal use which I purchased from Dubai and is not I have to pay taxes on that as well

    1. Wassalam Sharafat,
      1) TABLETS:
      If both of these do not have SIM slots or connectivity options, then you do not have to worry about anything.
      If they have SIM slots / and are 3g/4g, then you need to pay taxes to register those tablets.
      No, it would already be paired with your number and no registration needed here, you are good to go.
      You are required to register this phone with PTA.

      Now the overall scenario, if your tablets do not have SIM Slots, you already have one phone that you used here at pak, only 1 remains as unregistered. You’ll have to pay nothing!! As you can bring in 1 mobile device per year that you’ll be able to register free of cost.
      Hope that helped you.
      If you need any further info, you can ask freely.

  12. Hello. I got a cellphone from my friend. I received an SMS that it is not PTA approved. I followed your process and entered an COC. The duty amount is 52 Thousand PKR. I don’t want to pay such amount for a phone which is worth just 10 thousand. I will return it back to my friend. Problem is that now that COC has been registered with my Mobile Number. Do I have to pay the duty?

  13. sir mere pas motorola g3 ha jw second hand ha mene 8000 ka lia tha pta ne block krdia ab ktna tax pay krna hwga is per ?

    1. Aoa
      At first thanks for your help.
      Please let me know the taxes duty in total for oppo Reno z
      7gb ram
      128 gb room

  14. Main ny 2 month pahly mobile lia tha Lahore haal road sy c7 samsung us dono slot chal rahi thi ab ik ad lot block ho gai hai msg aya Your mobile device IMEI is valid but not PTA Approved/Registered and is active on ZONG since 2019-03-19. Please register your mobile at within 60 days from its first activation and pay the FBR tax/duty fee, otherwise your mobile will be blocked after 410040753261986,,2019-05-18.ab kia karo please help

  15. Will there be any customer duty if a person is using Samsung A10 mobile but he is bringing his old Q-Mobile A-10 to Pakistan so will there be any duty on that Q-Mobile ??

  16. I want to bring just one mobile.
    Will i have to pay custom or can i registered it for free through online portal?

  17. hi Fahad….. my father is bringing two mobiles from saudia, j7 and A70 samsung, is there any solution that we can register mobiles without paying taxes? hope u’ll suggest something better…… thanks

  18. Hi Fahad, i have got Sony Xperia z3. In Pakistan it is available on 46,999 PKR. Please let me know how much tax i have to pay on it.

    Thanks & Regards,

  19. Salaam, If I buy an old phone or second hand phone how tax will be charged.?
    One more thing it’s too much tax. once we are paying tax while buying a new device regardless of, from Pak or from any other country then we pay a huge pta tax on it. Does it make sense…!

  20. Hi my brother brought iPhone XS Max 512gb from uk.can he register it on line for free?And he wants to give it to me before going back to uk.will I be still able to use it or do I hv to pay tax.

  21. Hi my brother brought iphone 10xsmax512gb he has registered it.when he will go back to uk he will give that phone to do I hv to pay tax or I can use it with out paying tax

  22. What about Moto G Play? I bought it in Chicago and gave it to my mom in Pakistan. The price was about $120.

  23. Well im in pakistan, but my czn baught Honor 8x for me, so he have to pay tax for it? As u said 1 mobile is free.
    And if its not can u please calculate how much tax my czn have to pay on airport please reply ASAP!
    Sameer -Pakistan.

  24. Dear Editor,

    Please update the tax slab for the phones after the announcement of the budget on 11 June 2019.

    Moreover, kindly keep the old version of the tax calculator to identify the reduction in the taxes for the new devices after last nights budget update.


  25. It is such a disappointment to see to much taxes on importing a single unit of mobile phone. Our Tax system is more complex than spider web. Why just dont apply a simple sales tax or excise duty?

  26. I am overseas Pakistani. I have iPhone 6 Plus. I will be coming to Pakistan for about 6 months. Do I also have to pay tax?? If yes can u guide me with procedure??

  27. Mr. Fahad Khan
    I want to bring Iphone XR 128 gb ( which in my used ) from Saudi Arabia .
    i will bring mobile with me but when will i go back after 20 days to Saudi Arabia i will leave this mobile to my family use.
    do i have to pay tax for that , if there is tax then how much will that ?

    1. Hello Azam Khan
      iPhone XR is an expensive phone, its better if you do not leave it here, else you’d need to register it with Pta within 60 days and pay a huge amount (around 50K) in order to do that. unfortunately!

    1. I’d recommend not to buy and send it from abroad, as your mobile phone’s price is over $500. You might need to pay over 50K to register it. Not even worth buying it at a discount.

  28. How much tax i have to pay for HTC desire 10.this model is missing from ur plz let me know about the tax i have to pay for this model…thank u

  29. Hi Fahad i have mobile already register in Pakistan now i buy new one Samsung A9 in Dubai is it possible to transfer registration from my old mobile to new mobile.Please reply me.

  30. Asalam walekum Dear Fahad
    would like to know that tax of iphone 6S 128gb will be highly appreciated if you can tell me exact amount many thanks

    1. Wassalam
      if you brought it along with yourself from abroad and want to register it on a passport, the tax might be as low as 25k – 30K.
      But as a local Pakistani, tax would be around 38K – 40K.
      Hope that helps

    1. Hello Shoaib,
      That news is true, 10K max for 500$ above, but, that is only “SALES TAX”. Total tax that you need to pay includes:
      1) Regulatory Duty
      2) Sales Tax
      3) Withholding Tax
      4) Mobile Levy
      5) Fixed Rate (As per the price of a mobile device).

      Hope that helps

  31. Assalam o Alaikum Fahad, what would be the tax on redmi note 7 128GB. i want to register it on a passport. Thanks

  32. Dear Fahad
    Please tell about the mobile (Samsung A50) which is using by person have to pay tax ?

    1. Hello Naveed,
      Yes, any smartphone that hasn’t been used in Pakistan before December 2018, and is imported or brought into pakistan along, the owner would be liable to pay taxes.
      A50 tax PKR7865

  33. Fahad bhai you’ve done an amazing job …. Just wanna know what tax would my father have to pay when he brings a oneplus 7 pro from abroad (mind that he hasn’t registered on his passport yet) thank you

    1. Hello Saqib,
      Thanks for commenting!
      Unfortunately, Yes! Due to the misuse of the “Baggage Facility” (Which was basically to allow 1 phone per passenger and register it free of cost through DIRBS portal).

  34. Hi,
    I want to bring iPhone X 64 GB with me. Its my personal phone purchased from outside of Pakistan. Can you tell me how much tax I have to pay to get it “registered” on PTA?

  35. What will be the amount of tax on note 10…nd if I bring only 1 mobile with me on arrival…so how can I know that it is pta verified??

  36. Brand : UMIDIGI
    Model : A3
    Phone price is 69$ i borrow this phone from AliExpress and received my mobile/parcel on 10th June 2018 so i want to know my mobile tax.

  37. Will we have to pay tax on one phone imported? Or if we bring two phones will one be exempted ? What about tax on iPhone 7plus 256gb ?

  38. i have to bring 3 phones one is motrola that i buy in pakistan and i m in uae so the motrola is dead ive to bring back for repearing and i buy samsung A30 and A20 for use so can u tell me how much ive to pay or not A30 is in my hand use and A20 is box paked plz tell me and m coming to karachi airport

    1. You wouldn’t be stopped at the airport or so. Your phones would work for 2 months but you’d have to register them by paying taxes. On A30 and A20, you’d be charged around 6-7K Each. Hope that helps.

  39. Hi Fawad, thanks it really helps,
    but please can you elaborate how 1 mobile thing can be tax free, how should i declare a mobile phone if i bought one from out side pakistan brought it along with me ?

    1. Hello aamir,
      No, unfortunately now you’d have to pay tax even on the single smartphone that you bring along with you that hasn’t been used in Pakistan before December 2018.

  40. You write in very first line of article that one can bring one mobile without paying tax, totally wrong and non updated info you have, it is clearly written in PDF guide of FBR web that even a single personal use mobile will be charged tax. And i myself took 1 phone from abroad and i had to pay tax on it after checking through *#8484# system.. Please update your info

    1. Hello Babar,
      Very true, we posted lots of updates regarding that. Thanks for mentioning that, we’ll update it now. Thanks

  41. Please let me know tax applicable on HUAWEI MediaPad T3-7 (3G Version) Model: BG2-U01 – Color: Space Gray? Thanks.

    And 3 days ago, I read Government has decided to lower taxes on imported mobiles by upto 45%. If so, tell me the tax with regard to new formula as well. Thanks alot.

  42. Hi, ebay charge import duties on mobile, does this include all taxes mentioned in above article or we have to pay more ?

  43. I want to know about Samsung Galaxy note 10+ text and also if i will bring one mobile with me from abroad i will pay text ur not ….

  44. I am in UAE i have htc desire 12+ . I want to know what will be the tax to be paid after coming to pakistan for my this cell phone

    1. Hello,
      If you have used the HTC Desire 12+ here before December 2018, you do not need to register your phone, it’ll be registered. If not, you need to register it via dialing *8484# or visit Tax will be around 5K.

  45. AoA fahad bhai main aliexpres se huawei p30 lite lena chah raha hoon to aap bata sakty hain k is pe kitna tax lagy ga 295 dollars price hai is ki

  46. Salam Fahad bhai, first of all appreciated for your services to the community.
    I would like to know the Tax amount for Samsung S10plus 128gb & iphone 7plus 128gb


    1. Wassalam Umair
      Thank you for commenting!
      Both smartphones are over 500 USD, you’ll have to pay around 31K on Passport (as an international traveler) and around 42K on an ID Card for each of them. Hope that helps!

  47. My relative will bring along a oneplus 7 for me but they will not use Pakistani sim on their personal phone. Do they need to pay tax for the registration of oneplus 7?

    1. Since the OnePlus 7 will be used by you here in Pakistan, you’ll have to pay taxes to register it with PTA.

  48. @fahadkhan The tax reduction proposed last is applied or not if not then when will it be in reduced any idea ?

    1. Hello Abdul Muaeed,
      Tax on both the phone if registered via a passport (within 60 days) will be 31K-32K and on ID Card 41K.

  49. AoA fahad bhai main aliexpres se huawei p30 lite lena chah raha hoon to aap bata sakty hain k is pe kitna tax lagy ga 295 dollars price hai is ki sir g ap ne bataya nahi?

    1. Hello Affan,
      If you are registering it via a Passport you’ll have to pay around 31K, if, on ID Card, you’ll have to pay 42K.

  50. Brother Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ki registration fee ya tax kitna hoga (3 saal pehly UAE sy bhai sy mangwaya tha)

  51. Yar 2 dfa comment kr chuka hu approve kyu nhi kr rhy maine sirf ye pucha hai k s9+ aur s10 pe kitna tax lgy ga..baki sab logo k comments approve ho rhy hai mera kyun nhi

  52. Hi Fahad,

    I trust you are well. As per the tax calculator, the tax to be paid for a Galaxy Note 9 is PKR 42,216. I was under the impression that the government had revised and reduced the tax rates in the recent past. Please confirm.

    1. Hello,
      Yes, Government has already reduced the rates and all the phones that are brought into Pakistan and registered via a passport (of the international travel) will pay the reduced tax amount.
      Galaxy Note 9 Tax via Passport will be around 31K and via an ID Card around 42K.

  53. Bahi me next month pak araha.. to kya 2 mobiles la sakhta? Airport pe puchen gey to nahi.. kya muje tax dena ho ga?

  54. hi
    what about Samsung a30 ..1 mobile phone should be free baht zalil hrkat hy is govt k…ye koi tarika nhn hy kisi ko insaniyst nhn

  55. Asalam o Alaikum.
    I am coming back to Pakistan next month InshaAllah. I have A50, could you plz tell me how much would be the tax i need to pay.

  56. I have an old Galaxy S6 (simple). I want to know the tax as the mobile phone is just blocked. Useful and accurate information will be appreciated. Thanx

  57. My uncle is bringing an iPhone X with him, the phone is used and about 2 years old. Will he still have to pay 48K rupees as tax calculated by your calculator. It seems to be a bit too much as the actual value of the phone is down these days.

    1. Ask your Uncle to register it upon arrival on passport (within 60 days, no rush), you’ll have to around 31k.

      1. Hi Fahad,

        Govt has reduced tax on cell phones. My friend is bringing iPhone XR from USA and its cost is $600. We have already paid 8% tax in USA. Do I still have to pay tax in Pakistan and how much?

  58. How much for google pixel 3a from amazon, seller is selling it for 312.2 $ how much money would i have to pay for this product?

    1. Nope brother, you can bring it without paying duties. To be on the safe side, try to open the box and not bring it sealed. Or better if you wear it while coming back.

      1. Fahad Khan, I may come to Pakistan for medical treatment just for 10 or 15 days will my iPhone X will work till I stay in Pakistan?
        Thanks bro.

      2. Dear
        Ma saudia ma rhta hoo pakistan a rha ho 2 months ka leya kya muhjy bi mob ko register krna ho ga

  59. But that phone is used and has resale value of 350 $ in usa. How come the tax is 31K instead of 7K? PTA taxes the used phone the same as a new one. That iPhone X is used and 2 years old.

  60. Hello
    How much duty I’ve to pay for xs Gold 64gb . If I get from Canada open box not brand new but it’s like new

  61. How come iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb tax is less Rs.40,000 – 45,000 as compared to the old model iPhone XS Max 256gb Rs.64,325/-?

    1. Both will have the same amount of tax payable i.e 32K on Passport and around 42K on ID Card.
      P.S. That page needs to be updated, it has taxes mentioned that aren’t updated, we are working on that. Thanks

  62. Brother what is difference between mobile registration on ID card and registration on Passport.
    Please advise.

    1. Hello,
      Registration on Passport is when you register your mobile device as international travel bringing it that device along into Pakistan (Taxes on that will be slightly lower).
      And on ID Card, is when you are a local pakistani and import a phone from abroad or buy a used phone which isn’t registered. You’d apply via your ID Card not on your Passport. I hope that cleared your question.

  63. hey, my friend will be bringing Mi 9T pro from dubai which costs AED 1150 how much tax would I be liable to pay on it. thanks

    1. Hey,
      That great. But, you’d have to pay around 8k -12K. I’ll try to find out the exact tax from PTA as well.

  64. How is the value of phone determined? Considering mobile phones are available at different prices world wide, which price will the duty be applied on? Is it the invoice price or customs dept will have their own price list? If its later, then what is this price list based on? Please advise.

    Secondly, is there any distinction between duties applied on new and used phones? Used phones will definitely be cheaper as they are purchased from secondary market.

    1. FBR has made a structure on imports of all mobile handsets. The categories them in 6 categories.
      1. Up to 30$
      2. Above 30 and Up to 100$
      3. Above 100 and Up to 200$
      4. Above 200 and Up to 350$
      5. Above 350 and Up to 500$
      6. Above 500$

      The categorization is based on the prices on “WhatMobile” whether old or new.

  65. Xiami 9t Pro from Ali Express or Amazon or any other online service?

    What if we import it from India? Possible?

  66. Hello Fahad bhai, my sister is getting me an iPhone X which is “used” . How much tax she has to pay? And can she pay it on the airport in custom office? The phone’s market value is 350 us dollars these days.

    1. Hello,
      You’ll have to pay Around 32K on Passport and 42K on ID Card in order to register the device. And no, not at the airport, you have 60 days to register it. Log on to or dial *8484# to register it.

  67. Bhai, If a relative of yours bringing iPhone 11 pro to Pakistan how much tax he has to pay on airport.? and tax is applicable after the registration of the phone or you have pay it at airport.?

    1. He’ll have to pay Around 32K on Passport and 42K on ID Card. No, not at the airport, the phone will work for 60 days, within that period of time, he’ll have to register it.

  68. bro i want to ask you, do i have to pay the tax for my personal device as well ??
    i will carry my device only (s10 plus) from dubai to lahore and if i have to pay then what will be the tax amount ??

    1. Yes, you’ll have to pay tax if you plan on keeping it in pakistan for more than 60 days. Tax will be Around 32K on Passport and 42K on ID Card.

    1. Around 32K on Passport and 42K on ID Card. And I do not know about duties (if any) on a motherboard of a phone.

  69. I wanna but Apple Watch series 4 cellular !! Please guide me with total taxes to be paid through PTA

  70. Hey, my friend will be bringing me xiaomi A3 from china, what be total tax on it? does it matter if phone is opened or box packed?

    1. Well, taxes have been reduced pretty much, we are updating the calculator as well as we are trying to respond to all the queries and give them the updated taxes via comments.

  71. Yar fahad agar mera dost wahan se koi or phone na le ke aye sirf mera phone le ke aye Google.pixel 3xl used mai …tb b tax pare ga ? Or kitna pare ga?

  72. I am living in UAE and want to bring iPhone 11 pro max 256gb or samsung note 10 plus 256 GB in pakistan. So please guide what will be tax on both mobiles on passport and how we can pay it, on airport in AED or we have to pay in PKR.

    1. For both you’d have to pay around 32K on Passport and 42K on ID Card to register. And you don’t need to do that on the airport upon arrival. You have 60 days to register them. Visit

  73. Hey fahad,
    What’s the tax on iPhone xsmax 256gb? Also, is the same tax applicable on 512gb? And how to register through a passport?

  74. Kindly confirm me if we bring more than 1 cell ph from uae , do we have to oay duty for the 2nd phone on the airport or we just have to pay tax later

  75. Hello ma redmi note 8 pro import krwna chahta hu ali exprees sa total price 231$ ban rahi plz exact tax amount bta den total kitna lagy ga tax.

  76. I want to purchase an iPhone XR (64 GB or 128 GB) from the US and bring it to Pakistan. How much will the duty/tax be. The phone is worth roughly 600$.

  77. Aoa, if a device (e.g. tablet) has a SIM option but we don’t want to use SIM in it and just use on wifi, does tax still need to be paid on it? Thanks.

  78. Hello Fahad,
    My sister is in America she send an iphone 7 plus 32gb cell phone my sister using this cell phone since 1 year its not a brand new mobile phone, so that we also pay taxes on a old phone ?

  79. SIR I WANT TO BUY IPHONE xmax ON ALIEXPRESS it cost round about 1500$ so what if i say to the seller to mark the parcel of prize of mobile 400$ when you send me the mobile in pakistan .. so in real their their all the taxes on mobile prize are 32.9% so mean i had to pay 32.9 % tax on my 400$ mobile phone .. can this be possible :]

    1. Well, the receipt doesn’t matter at all. The phone’s value is what the tax will be calculated upon. You’d have to pay Around 32k on passport and around 42k on id card.

  80. Dear

    I live in saudi arabia i will come in december19 for 2 months vacation andni will use my same kib in pakistan and i just buy a new mob do i have to register?

    1. If you have to leave your phone here, then register it, if not, you are free to use it for 60 days without registering. But, next time you’d have to register.

  81. Hi as i came back from Australia for pwrsonal use i have note 10+
    And my son has oppo r11s as i read in your comments that first phone is free that means i dont have to pay tax for my note 10 plus?
    And oppo as its my son’s mobile? Or do we have to pay tax we stay more than 3 or 4 months? If i have to pay how much will it be?
    Can you plz clear that thanks

    1. Hello,
      Well, Unfortunately, the “1 FREE PHONE” offer (Baggage Facility) isn’t valid anymore.
      You’d have to pay taxes on both! Around 32K on Passport and Around 42K on ID Card for Note 10 plus.
      Or around 8 – 12K on Oppo.

  82. I have hwawe shotX 32/3 phone,but it have been block from PTA , so tell me how much tax on it to run my sim card, ,

  83. Hi Fahad
    You are helping a lot to take disputes away in the regards to PTA taxation policy thank you for that
    I also need to understand one thing base on what criteria purchase price is taken to calculate regulatory duty. Is it the puchase invoice or govt. has already set it on the base of international market value.

    1. Hello Zakaullah,
      Thanks for Commenting!
      FBR considers the actual price of the phone (NEW) while deriving the tax amount.

  84. Hi Fahad Khan,

    I am bringing a mobile samsung S9+ from new Zealand in which i have NZ sim. Its second handl mobile phone therefore no box etc. do i need to pay text on bringing second hand phone? if yes, then how much? The price i paid here around PKR 50,000.
    Please help

    1. Hello Bilal,
      Actually FBR determines the Tax on the actual value of the smartphone. New!
      It’ll lie under the 500$ + Category and you’ll have to pay over 32K on Passport and around 42K on ID Card while registering it.


  85. if I have one mobile is PKR 20,000/- cost then how much i charged for this mobile.
    If I have another is PKR 30,000/- PKR 40,000/- & PKR 50,000/- individually then how much i charged for this different prices of mobiles.
    Please reply if your available for the reply

    1. 20K Phone – Around 4500 on Passport, Around 6000 on ID card
      30K Phone – Around 4500 on Passport, Around 6000 on ID card
      40K Phone – 50K – Around 6K on Passport and 8K on ID Card

  86. How will they determine the value of mobile phone?? For example oneplus 7t pro. If I show receipt showing 1000 AED for phone price whereas it’s actual price is 2500 AED.
    How will they determine the true price of phone??

    And please update taxes for oneplus 7 series. It’s been 6 months.

    1. FBR determines the tax value by using the actual prices of the phone. If your case, It’ll be 2500 AED. And while registering there isn’t any option granted to anyone to show purchase receipt or anything. If the phone isn’t used here and brought into Pakistan, registering and paying taxes for it is necessary.
      Tax on OnePlus 7 series, around 32K of passport and around 42K on ID Card.

  87. How much tax on iphone 11 128 GB, on passport?
    Please also tell first phone is free or not on passport? and what if i only use eSim?

    1. Unfortunately, the Baggage Facility (1 Free Device) isn’t valid anymore.
      You’ll have to register your phone. Tax on passport around PKR 32K

  88. If someone brings an Ipad to pakistan and so will he have to pay any tax?( The person does not want to use a sim in it)

  89. Hi Fahad how much tax i would need to pay for samsung S10E if i register it on a passport. what about the process is it just like registering the device via local import option ?

    awaiting reply.

  90. Salam bro i want to buy used lg V2 but not registered how much tax i have to pay to get it registered? Kindly answer soon i hv to buy thanks bro

  91. hi,

    I have 2 phones for my personal use do I have to pay the taxes?
    Also, If i bring new phone to Pakistan, Do I have to pay tax at the airport? or any custom duty at the airport?

    or I can pay later as well?

    1. Hello,
      You need to pay taxes on all smartphones that you bring along whether personal (in use) or pin packed. If you used those personal phones here in Pakistan Before 31st December 2018, it’ll be registered. If not, then, unfortunately, you’d have to pay taxes.
      And no, you have got 60 days to register them, you don’t have to register it at the airport. Within those 60 days, you can log on the to register it.

  92. Hi fahad i want to know that cant we use the international phones with internal sim or it necessory to register them? And can you tell me the registeration fees of iphone11 64gb…and what if we dont register it on airport and do that after 3 to 4 months …can we still use the phone with in the time period withoutsimcard or international sim?

    1. Hello Amaan,
      You can use the phone for 60 days after arrival. After that, it’ll be blocked and you’d have to register it in order to use it. Registration fee of iPhone 11 Around 32K on Passport and Around 42K on ID Card.

  93. Aoa . A relative of mine is sending an iphone 7 via courier from Uk. The phone has been to pakistan before but i am not sure whether its registered with PTA or not. Do i need to pay any tax while it is sent to Pakistan ? and if any then how much? Waiting for your reply . Thanks

    1. Wassalam,
      If the phone has previously been used in Pakistan, there is a chance that it’ll be registered. As all the phones that were used before 31st December 2018 are automatically registered. If it isn’t, you’d have to pay Around 32K on Passport and Around 42K on ID Card to register it.

  94. Dear Fahad,
    Can you please share all taxes for Galaxy S10 which is not available on your calclator?

  95. Dear Fahad

    My brother will bring Samsung Galaxy note 8 in used condition from Dubai. What will be the custom duty and PTA tax that he has to pay. Please share details.

  96. Is tax applicable on an iphone 7 coming from UK via courier but the phone is registered with PTA and has already been used in Pakistan for some time?

  97. Dear Fahad, if I purchase a mobile from Pakistan then do I need to register it with PTA with extra taxes or all taxes include in mobile price.

    1. Hello Irfan,
      No, If you buy PTA Approved Smartphone Pakistan, you don’t have to worry about anything.


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