Ufone SMS Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly (2019)

Ufone SMS Pkgs 2019 Updated Prices and Details

To stay connected with your loved ones through calls or SMS is today’s basic need. In Pakistan, different telecom companies are providing different packages at different rates. But surely people choose such packages that fulfill their needs at low cost. However, it also becomes difficult to check all packages. So don’t worry PhoneWorld always comes up with a solution to please its readers. Ufone is kept on introducing exciting offers for its Prepaid and postpaid customers. Therefore, in this article, I will tell you Ufone Daily, Weekly, Monthly SMS Packages for Prepaid & Postpaid Customers. check out Ufone SMS Packages.

Ufone Daily, Weekly, Monthly SMS Packages

Ufone Daily SMS Packages

Here are different daily or 1 day Ufone SMS pkgs along with other incentives. So, Prepaid Customers can choose the package of their need.
PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation Code
Ufone Daily Rs. 4.77 1600 SMS 1 Day SMS “Sub” to 605
Ufone Daily On-net Rs. 2 + tax 500 SMS 1 Day SMS “Sub” to 611
Ufone Night SMS Package Rs. 1 300 SMS 1 Day SMS “Sub” to 609
Ufone Power Hour Rs. 6 60SMS, 60 on-net minutes, 60MBs 1 Day Dial *99#
Ufone Super Recharge Package Rs.45 300 on-net minutes, 10 off-net mins, 300 SMS, 100MBs 1 Day Dial *300#
Ufone Uth Daily Rs. 1.99 + tax 600 SMS 1 Day SMS “Sub” to 612

Ufone SMS Weekly Packages

Here is the complete detail of Ufone Weekly SMS packages along with other incentives. Customers can choose the package of their need.
PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation Code
Ufone Weekly SMS Package Rs.10 1200 SMS 7 Days SMS “Sub” to 608
Ufone 15 Days SMS Package Rs.30 10000 SMS 7 Days SMS “Sub” to 603
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer Rs.80 100 On-net minutes, 1000MBs, 100 SMS 7 Days Dial 5050#
Ufone Super Mini Card Rs. 299 500 On-net minutes,75 off-net minutes, 300MBs, 500 SMS 7 Days Load Ufone Mini Super Card Worth Of Rs. 299

Ufone Monthly SMS Packages

Monthly SMS packages 2019 give you the ease for the whole month if you are more into sending SMS to your circles. Ufone offers different monthly SMS pkgs with and without other incentives.
PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation Code
Ufone Monthly SMS Package Rs.80 20000 SMS 30 Days SMS "sub" to 607
Ufone Super Card Rs. 520 1000 On-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 1000MBs, 1000 SMS 30 Days Load Super Card With Value Of Rs. 520
Ufone Super Card Plus Rs.599 1200 On-net minutes,180 off-net minutes, 1200MBs, 1200 SMS 30 Days Load Ufone Super Card Worth Rs. 599

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