Here are the Complete Details of Telenor 4G Internet Packages

The recent 4G 850 MHz spectrum auction winner, Telenor has brought different 4G packages for its customers. Here are the Complete Details of Telenor 4G Internet Packages. Some packages are for prepaid and some are for postpaid customers.

Here are the Complete Details of Telenor 4G Internet Packages

4G Daily Packages for Prepaid Customers

Telenor offers three different daily packages for its prepaid customers. You can choose the package of your choice.

Telenor 4G Daily Packages

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
Unlimited Internet BundleRs. 13 Dial *345*139#750 MB(1am-7pm)
Daily BundleRs. 15 Dial *345*131#75 MB
Daily Lite BundleRs. 12 Dial *345*141#50 MB

4G Weekly Packages for Prepaid Customers

There are also three weekly packages for prepaid customers. These packages are valid for 7 days.

Telenor 4G Weekly Packages

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
Weekly BundleRs. 70 Dial *345*144#3 GB(1am-7pm)
Weekly Plus BundleRs. 100 Dial *345*164#1200 MB
Weekly Bundle IIRs. 75 Dial *345*134#750 MB

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4G Monthly Packages for Prepaid Customers

Monthly packages give ypu the convenience for complete 30 days. Here are different 4G monthly packages for prepaid customers.

Telenor 4G Monthly Packages

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
Monthly Starter BundleRs. 200 Dial *345*935#2250 MB
Monthly BundleRs. 478 Dial *345*135#4 GB
Monthly LiteRs. 140 Dial *345*835#1.5GB+1GB pocket TV
Monthly Plus BundleRs. 1195 Dial *345*136#10,500 MB

Other Telenor 4G Packages

Other than daily, weekly and monthly packages, there is also a 3 day package. However, if you are in 4G coverage area you can also get 100MB free data.

Other 4G Packages
PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
3Day BundleRs. 35 Dial *345*133#200 MB+200 MB for Facebook
4G Free TrailNill NillIf you are in 4G Coverage Area, you will automatically get 100 MBs Mobile data

Telenor 4G Postpaid Packages

Telenor Postpaid customers can also get different 4G monthly packages. Here are the details of postpaid packages:

Telenor Postpaid 4G Internet packages
PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
Internet 100Rs. 100+tax Dial *345*481#150 MBs for a month
Internet 200Rs. 200+tax Dial *345*482#300 MBs for a month
Internet 350Rs. 350+tax Dial *345*483#600 MBs for a month
Internet 600Rs. 600+tax Dial *345*484#4000 MBs for a month
Internet 1000Rs. 1000+tax Dial *345*485#8000 MBs for a month

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