Google Chat for Android allows Keyword Search to Find Specific Message

Have you ever experienced anger and annoyance when you want to find some message having an important piece of information but you are not able to do so as the message was sent some time back? Have you ever lost some important code due to the negligence of not saving it in your notes and later on not being able to find it in your chats? If you are a victim of it, Google Chat for Android has introduced a new feature for you providing advanced search functionalities.

Google chat, a part of Google Workspace has made the messaging search easier for you, helping users find messages and content easier than before. With this feature, all you need to do is remember some content in the message and type it so that system can look for that specific content in messages.

Google Chat for Android gets advanced search functionalities

You can use a word you remember from the message and the system will also look for the content in the messages. If you are looking for something particular, all you need to do is to tap on the filter. it means if you want to search for a pdf you need to click on a file, otherwise, image, like and other options to choose from. This filter works exactly in the same way as that of Telegram filters.

Currently, this feature is launched for Android users whereas web and iOS users will not be able to enjoy it anytime soon. However, usually, it takes a month or two for features to roll out on other operating systems. Let’s wait and watch.

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