Now Android phones will Detect Earthquakes

Gone are days when mobile devices were only used to receive calls. With the advent of technology, devices are now given more tasks. Now every Android smartphone will be able to help google with reporting earthquakes. This functionality will work on Android Phone running on operating system 5.0 or above. These smartphones will pick up a seismic wave activity and will report it to Google. Google will use this data to search results and warn Android Users.

For this, Google will use mobile phones with built-in accelerometers. In this way, sensors will pick up earthquake activity and will report it to Google. When users search “earthquake” or “earthquake near me,” Google will use accelerometer data to report the information about this calamity back. This information will be collected together and sent to a dedicated server that will inform Google about any certain area experiencing unusual movements.

Now Android phones will Detect Earthquakes

Though Google will be collecting information from Android Phones worldwide, it will only be sending a notification to users in California. Maybe, later on, this functionality will be launched for every country throughout the globe.

To notify Californians about the detected earthquake, Android will use the ShakeAlert notification system from the US Geological Survey. Android users will see the red earthquake alert and suggestions to drop, cover, and hold when Google detects the earthquake.

Google has not shared any more details. The company has also not shared any information about the quake threshold. Moreover, there are also no words from the company regarding the time when people will be notified regarding the quake. Maybe we will receive another statement from the company clearing all our issues. However,  we demand Google to launch this feature worldwide so that we can also reap its benefits.

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