Stop Using These 5 Kinds Of Android Apps

Most of the time when we buy a new phone, we want each and every app installed on it. However, the fact is that not every app you install on your phone is actually worth having. We usually notice the consequence of having too many applications when we watch our device slowly freezing on. So, today, in this blog, I am going to jot down those 5 kinds of Android Apps that you should not download as they only eat your phone’s storage. Let’s get started.

These are five kinds of Android apps you need to remove if you want your phone to be as good as new

Pre-installed bloatware

Every Android phone comes preloaded with a bunch of extra software that isn’t really required or important for the device’s operation at all. These kinds of apps are called bloatware. They can come in many forms, from silly games to manufacturer-owned apps. They are referred to as bloatware because they gobble up or you can say bloat your storage space.

Performance boosters

The second kind of apps you need to get rid of are performance booster apps. They are also referred to as optimizers and are meant to clean your phone and speed it up by deleting unnecessary files and clearing your cache. The fact is that a handful of products are able to do this job really well. However, all the apps are not the same that you’ll come across in Google Play Store. Many of Android Phone cleaners do nothing but chew your RAM and take up your precious storage.

Redundant apps

According to the reports by Statista, Google Play Store has over 2.6 million apps as of June 2022. With so many apps it wouldn’t be surprising if you have two, or even three, of the same kind of apps. You have sometimes more than one browser, multiple file explorers, calendars, and even audio players on your phone. The fact is that if you have too many redundant apps on your phone, they will eventually slow your smartphone down. So, it’s always a good idea to pick one of the similar apps you like best and uninstall the others.

Old utility apps

If you are an old Android User, you probably remember installing flashlight apps just to use your device’s back LED light. These were the old days when there weren’t many functionalities that came with Android OS, and you would have to rely on third-party apps just to make the most of your phone. So, you don’t need your old utility apps anymore. Try to start uninstalling your QR scanners, document scanners, and flashlight apps as they only eat your memory and storage.

Antivirus apps
Some people are quite a fan of Antivirus Apps in order to protect their devices. However, Google claims that the Play Store comes with a protection feature that checks the apps on the platform before you install them. It has the ability to also scan your phone for potentially harmful applications, warn you about these apps, and deactivate or remove them for you. So, you don’t need to install Antivirus Apps at all.

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