Sub-Comity of IT Highlights the Internet Issues in FATA & Balochistan

The sub-comity of information and technology has arranged a session which was chaired by Chairman Senator Mian Attique. The members of the session have highlighted the issue of the incomplete scheme of 3G & 4G services. Mainly the light was shed upon the Internet Issues in FATA & Balochistan.

Senator Sana Jamali said that In Balochistan, over 90% of the population is facing the problem of internet and still people are just relying on 2G services as they are not getting the services of 3G & 4G.

 Internet Issues in FATA & Balochistan Leads to poor technological reforms

The Senator Taj Afridi briefed the session that in the FATA, USF is working but still the people are facing the problems with internet services. He further requested for guidance to raise their voice against this ongoing issue. Senator Taj Afridi highlighted that there are so many areas in FATA which are not getting the services of the internet including North Waziristan Kurram Agency.

Senator Taj Afridi said that without any notification, the services of the internet has been shut down in so many areas in FATA. In FATA, due to security issues, it is not possible to accomplish the services successfully. However, some sub-committees have been established for this purpose but still, there are so many hurdles. There are some areas where the work has been started after nine months.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of comity Mian Attique instructed the members to make a complete report which gives the details of the work that has been done in Balochistan and FATA.

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