V21 Series Offers a Wholesome Selfie Experience with OIS, Autofocus and So Much More!

With increasing dependency on smartphones, we have embraced technology with time and given them a unique role to play in capturing every moment of our lives. Today, with evolving lifestyles, young consumers are increasingly adopting newer trends like #PhotoOfTheDay, #WokeUpLikeThis selfie, #OOTD selfie, #NoMakeUp selfie, #NoFilter selfie, Groupfie, etc; all these trends hold a special place in the lives of new-age smartphone users.

Smartphone brands are increasingly focusing on improving the rear camera capabilities; however, the front camera is also very much part of smartphone users’ personality and is a perfect companion to capture the true self in different scenarios.

vivo acknowledges how young customers or millennials love clicking selfies. Therefore, to elevate the user’s selfie experience and fulfil their ever-evolving needs, vivo brings the V21 series that is a game-changer for selfie enthusiasts. With the introduction of the V series, vivo aims to bring advanced front camera technology to redefine selfie capabilities.

vivo V21 series challenges the pain points of night photography and delivers an ultimate night selfie experience.  Be it unclear with noises, overexposed by flashlight or clicking shots under dim light​, vivo recognizes all these situations and continues to evolve and innovate to provide the consumers with the best photography experience.

V21 series is the latest addition to vivo’s longstanding V-series smartphones, which is widely known for providing consumers with fashion-forward, high-performance, and camera-focused devices. The V21 series comes in an advanced industrial design along with other innovative features that make the series unique, both in terms of functionality and design making it the talk of the town.

Let’s first talk about the amazing features of V21:

vivo V21 arrives with an industry leading OIS support that marks a major step in setting the standards for future smartphone mobile photography experience for modern-day users. In a dark environment, light is the origin of camera imaging. In addition to using algorithms and OIS improves the camera’s ability to capture weak light in dark environments.

  • Front camera: vivo V21’s front camera is one of the industry leading cameras with higher pixels and better color reproduction performance. It has the groundbreaking 44MP OIS Night Selfie system specialized designed and conceptualized to overcome the top three challenges of night photography: Unclear with noises; overexposed by flashlight and imaging not possible under dim light​. 

The front camera selfie system comes equipped with a hardware solution – OIS support. OIS compensates for handshakes by virtue of the movement of cameras. For example, when a camera moves downwards due to handshakes, OIS directs the camera to move upwards in compensation, allowing photos and videos to remain clear and stable.

vivo V21 front camera

The OIS support in the front camera delivers outstanding night selfies in different scenarios with the help of the following:

  • 44MP OIS Super Night Selfie: It is an exceptional feature with the OIS support. The camera can significantly extend the exposure time in night scenes, thus increasing the amount of light intake, reducing noise and making nighttime selfies clearer and brighter.
  • Dual Selfie Spotlight: The new addition balances the light source by innovatively adding two OLED spotlights under the front panel, which can be turned on when taking photos and recording videos. It helps in stimulating the professional fill light of a photography studio, so that you can be clearly seen even in the dark night. Moreover, the spotlight can also be used together with vivo’s self-developed Aura Screen Light, to give users the light at night!
  • AI Night Portrait: With this feature, V21 increases exposure levels and improves night scene imaging effects through a multi-frame noise reduction algorithm. It also uses AI algorithms to intelligently fix details of portrait features in extremely dark environments through AI brightening and AI noise reduction.

Currently, it delivers the best performance as compared with industry standards. It helps in scenarios like in extremely dark scenes with almost no light source, such as outdoor nights without stars or pitch dark in the room.

The front camera comes along with other multiple fun features to experiment with: OIS Ultra Stable Selfie video, Spotlight Selfie Video and filters like Child Face beauty, Personal Facial feature, Head slimming for Groupfies, etc.

V21 increases exposure levels and improves night scene imaging effects through a multi-frame noise reduction algorithm  

  • Design and looks: V21 has a flat frame and is packed with 7.29mm Ultra Slim AG Design, that effortlessly integrates thoughtful and sophisticated elements amping up your style quotient. The new dual tone step design gives a textured look to the overall smartphone and AG Glass add a subtle luxury to the aesthetics and makes it comfortable to hold.
  • Rear Camera: The 64MP OIS Night Camera comes equipped with the Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) to compensate for shakes and with the EIS algorithm, V21 enables ultra-clear and stable video recording. It greatly optimizes the recorded videos during walking/running to avoid blurring, thus delivering ultra-clear and stable video recording experience.

Moreover, V21 also supports simultaneous Dual-view video recording by front and rear cameras to record every interesting moment of life. Other features that enhance the photography experience in the nighttime supported by OIS are OIS Super Night Mode, OIS Ultra Stable video, Double Exposure, and Super Wide-Angle +Super Macro cameras for complex shots.

vivo V21 supports a display refresh rate of up to 90Hz

  • Performance: V21 supports a display refresh rate of up to 90Hz, delivering a smoother visual effect, effectively reducing ghosting, and providing a more coherent display and lower latency when playing games. It adopts the E3 Super AMOLED Display ensuring a smooth and immersive viewing experience. V21 has passed the authoritative certification of HDR10+ display standard making the screen display look more realistic and natural, retaining complete brightness and color information of photos and videos and rendering more details.

vivo V21e comes with a camera system that ensures consumer expectations

Let’s talk about another stellar smartphone V21e in the V21 series

vivo V21e comes with a camera system that ensures consumer expectations are not only fulfilled but also comes with features that make photography an enjoyable and interesting phenomenon. The V21e features a 44MP Eye Autofocus in the Front Camera that combines AI Night Portrait for an immersive photography and videography experience designed to enhance everyday life. The front camera offers fun features like Dual view video, Slo-mo selfie video, 4K Selfie video, Steadiface Selfie Video, etc.

The alluring 64MP Night camera in V21e provides exceptional image quality, with the support of a set of secondary cameras to respectively handle macro photography, along with wide-angle and more complex shots. Combined with Super Night Mode, Stylish Night Filter, Ultra Stable Video, the rear camera also delivers a quality photography experience.

Keeping the V series legacy alive, the V21e has a 7.38mm ultra Slim AG design and delivers powerful performance with SDM720G.The 33W Flash Charge ensures users enjoy their smartphones without worrying about charging the battery now and then. That’s not all. It comes with E3 AMOLED Display and has passed the authoritative certification of HDR10 display standard making the screen display look natural and realistic.

vivo V21 series stands for redefining the selfie capabilities in their own way

In a nutshell, vivo V21 series stands for redefining the selfie capabilities in their own way. V21 is more of a trendy and sophisticated-looking device with features that satisfy users’ needs to blend in and keep with the times. On the other hand, vivo V21e is youthful, vigorous and dynamic​ in nature and easier on the budget. Accordingly, to their needs and wants, users can pick and choose their device for the year 2021 and be the light at night.

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