5 Ways to Upgrade Electronics & Gadgets Smartly

Ever since the pandemic hit, the global economic condition’s been fluctuating. People are more focused on energy saving solutions that also cut down expenses. Anyone juggling between stagnant incomes, price spikes on necessities, and increasing expenditures knows the struggle of keeping up with the ever-evolving technology and making the right choice. Be it your work laptop, gaming console or an everyday essential like smartphone and refrigerator, leveling up or upgrading electronics may come with a hefty price.

Colossal tech houses spend billions in convincing the public to buy the latest versions of devices. And, without a doubt, most of the electronic items that were never a part of daily routine have now become a necessity. However, smartly planning your purchase and a thorough research can save a significant amount of money otherwise spent drastically.

Spending on upgrading electronic gadgets without first doing appropriate financial planning might result in enormous losses. Although technology improves efficiency, it’s important to remember that certain implementations might end up costing you more than they’re worth. If it’s about time to upgrade your phone, laptop, TV or air-conditioner, smart planning and resources can help save your wallet from draining.

5 Ways to Upgrade Electronics & Gadgets Smartly

Figuring out to spend smartly on your electronics purchase can get you the upgrade and even rewards and cash-back! Here are top 5 tips on how to save and upgrade devices in a smarter manner.


Black Fridays, seasonal clearance and Daraz 11/11 are just some of the massive sale fests when it rains discounts around the country. The need for an electronic update might appear out of nowhere but waiting till the sale season is live can get you the best deals and upgrades of your choice in excellent prices. Many would consider meeting with the local vendors, however, price tags tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum in physical stores compared to e-commerce platforms. Buying online not only saves time and energy but gives an opportunity to discover cashback rewards like those offered at Savyour.


To save money on electronics like refrigerators and air-conditioners, making the purchase off-season is the smartest move! Buying a generator in Winters will save more than getting one in Summers. Despite the pandemic and global economic crisis, the demand for inverters was on the rise considering the soaring heat this year. Besides, people are more invested in energy-saving options to bring an overall positive impact on their disposable income. Purchasing an inverter during the colder months can prove to be a wiser decision than when demand spikes in July till October.


With recent innovations and smart home technology in regular appliances and household items like TVs, refrigerators, inverters and air-conditioners, you may feel the need for an upgrade. Keep an eye when new models are released, since previous versions are usually up on discounted prices for clearance.

Personal gadgets and devices such as smartphones, smart watches and laptops are updated frequently and it does get tempting, tech-freaks would agree! However, brands sometimes release only a minor upgrade in newer versions. The trick is to compare the two models so you don’t end up losing your bank over an unnecessary upgrade.


Buying electronic items is an investment! A high-quality purchase once, goes a long way and the best decision requires a thorough research. Comparing prices and features with different brands paired with market surveys are some of the powerful ways to save a decent amount of money. Sometimes prices quoted online are generally lower than those in physical stores. While the great impact of an effective physical conversation can’t be bypassed, online shopping often comes with great discounts topped with bank discounts and loyalty rewards.

Besides the unlimited options and marketplaces at your fingertips, there are discounts and deals on e-commerce platforms sure to make a huge difference. Look for bank discounts, rewards, promo codes and vouchers on online shopping portals and cashback deals on Savyour for additional benefits.

More importantly, reading reviews on neutral forums and online platforms helps save a lot of trouble. In-depth research for product features paired with customer experiences can elaborate a far greater picture than what a brochure, flyer or social media advertisement tells. Look for expert advices on public platforms for a better idea.


The hype on the latest and most expensive electronic options can be spell bounding. However, it is important to consider which product features are relevant and most necessary for the user. Sometimes, more extraordinary features on a device make it more complex to be replaced or repaired. With keen analysis on what you really require and feasibility checks can help save a lot of trouble.

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