PTA Tax Breakdown for iPhone 15 Series (Customs value & Tax)

Apple’s iPhone has always remained a symbol of quality and innovation. Almost every mobile user desires the latest version of the iPhone. However, in Pakistan, you also need to pay a hefty tax to register your mobile phone with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). There is always a discussion in society about the incredibly high taxes on iPhones. The users seem confused about why they have to pay such a high tax to register with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Well, for their understanding, we carried out some research to see the breakdown of taxes on iPhone models. So, let’s take a look at the PTA tax breakdown for the iPhone 15 series.

PTA Tax Breakdown

For iPhone 15 Pro Max 

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max PKR 148,500 (total tax on Passport) PKR 176,000 (total tax on CNIC)
Customs Value 27,600/-. 37,007/-.
Sales tax 59,663/-. 59,663/-.
Direct mobile phone tax 61,237/-. 82,330/-.

(Price in PKR)

For iPhone 15 Pro

Apple iPhone 15 Pro PKR 135,300 (total tax on Passport) PKR 161,480 (total tax on CNIC)
Customs Value 27,600/-. 37,007/-.
Sales tax 50,229/-. 50,229/-.
Direct mobile phone tax 54,471/-. 74,244/-.

(Price in PKR)

For iPhone 15 Plus

Apple iPhone 15 Plus PKR 113,075 (total tax on Passport) PKR 137,033 (total tax on CNIC)
Customs Value 27,600/-. 37,007/-.
Sales tax 45,017/-. 45,017/-.
Direct mobile phone tax 40,458/-. 55,009/-.

(Price in PKR)

For iPhone 15

Apple iPhone 15 107,325 (total tax on Passport) 130,708 (total tax on CNIC)
Customs Value 27,600/-. 37,007/-.
Sales tax 40,278/-. 40,278/-.
Direct mobile phone tax 39,447/-. 53,423/-.

(Price in PKR)

The tax breakdown of the iPhone 15 series provides valuable insight into the pricing structure of these smartphones in the local market. With customs values and associated taxes factored in, users can now make informed decisions regarding their purchase by taking into consideration both the features of the device and its financial implications.

Will PTA taxes on iPhones increase or decline in the future? 

As you can see, the PTA tax is composed of different taxes, Therefore, an increase or decrease in sales tax, customs value, etc can have an effect on the PTA taxes.

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