Apple Announces the Launch of New Beats After Beats Fit Pro

Its almost the end of the year, but Apple seems to be not yet done with surprising it fans. After the launch of new Beats Fit Pro, earlier this month, Apple has announced the launching of yet another Beats following the Beats Fit Pro.

The launched new earbuds i.e. Beats Fit Pro are in the literal sense the True Wireless Earphones (TWS), having the best features.

On November 18th 2021, a new edition Beats Flex headset will be launched by the collaboration of Beats by dre with Fragment Design. It is the second time that Beats and fragment design have partnered in a year. These headsets will be having the letters FRGMT” on the neck/collar of the headset. These tangle-free headsets will be having a pure black sleek appearance with the Fragment Design’s signature double lightning logo. These are the limited-edition, black-on-black Beats Flex.

Regarding the specs of the new Beats, Apple has confirmed that they will be equipped with the dual-chamber acoustic design and a proprietary layered driver which will deliver outstanding stereo separation and precise bass. They will be having a microphone which will be built-in along with the noise reduction and also audio sharing feature and the battery life of up to 12 hours.

The price of these new special Beats Flex is USD 70 which is almost 12,300 pkr. Comparatively these special editions are not that expensive and are more on the affordable side.

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