WhatsApp Trick: How To Find A Contact’s Location Without Letting Them Know?

Respecting privacy and ethical considerations while using messaging apps like WhatsApp is very crucial. The messaging giant, by design, doesn’t have a built-in feature to track someone’s location without their knowledge. Attempting such an action could violate their privacy and trust. If you need to find someone’s location for a legitimate reason, the best option is to directly ask them. Almost all messaging apps have location-sharing features that allow users to share their location willingly and temporarily with particular contacts. For instance, WhatsApp has a feature of sharing live locations for a specified period. Anyhow, if you still want to know someone’s location, we have got you covered! Let’s get started!

How To Find the Location Of A Contact Through WhatsApp?

If you want to secretly find out someone’s location, consider the following options:

  • Prepare Your PC: Close all unnecessary programs on your PC to minimize mess. It will help in avoiding confusion with multiple IP addresses.
  • Access WhatsApp Web: Instead of using the downloadable app on Windows 10, go to the WhatsApp Web page. Let it run in the background. Make sure that the connection is maintained without interruptions.
  • Start a Chat: Start a WhatsApp chat with the contact whose location you want to find. You must open a chat only with that particular person to guarantee accuracy in the following steps.
  • Open Command Prompt: On a Windows PC, press the Windows key (located to the left of the space bar) and the ‘R’ key simultaneously to initiate the Run function. Type “cmd” and press Enter. If you’re using a Mac, open the “Terminal” application to proceed.
  • Locate the IP Address: In the command prompt, write “netstat -an” and hit Enter. This command will reveal all the IP addresses connected to your PC. If you will close all the unwanted applications, the list will be much shorter. It will make it easier to identify your contact’s IP address.
  • Check the IP Address Location: Visit https://www.ipinfo.io/. Enter the IP address you’ve discovered. The site will instantly show you the imprecise location of your contact, typically capped down to the region and city.


    Other than that, many third-party apps or services claim to track someone’s location without their knowledge. However, these can be unethical, possibly illegal, and can compromise your own privacy and security. Technology constantly offers us the tools to access information that was once believed impossible to reach. However, always keep in mind that great responsibility comes with great power. So, always use such techniques judiciously and ethically.


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