22 Best Android Games for Kids in 2024

In this busy world, everyone wants some rest, fun, and adventure. In such circumstances, playing games is the best solution to feeling fresh after loads of work and studying if you are a kid and a student. Gone are days when kids had to go out and search for grounds to play games or had to buy a board game. With the ever-growing trend of smartphones and enormous data bundles, people are more inclined to play games on smartphones. The year 2024 is a full fun-filled year for kids as it has brought some Best Android Games for Kids.

Best Android Games for Kids- Top 22 Selection

Thanks to Technology for making our lives easy. Now Android games are considered the perfect babysitters for kids. Android Games for kids let you work while your baby will spend time on games. So get the 22 Best Android games for kids and let them enjoy them while you have some time for yourself.

There are plenty of Android games for kids.

Parents are usually concerned that their kids might not see inappropriate content on the Internet. Well, these fun offline Games do not have any inappropriate content, we assure you. All are free games for kids under 10-12.

1. Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 1 was a success story, so Toca kitchen 2 was brought on board. Toca Kitchen 2 is here with new guests to cook and more tools to play with. Toca Kitchen 2 invites all chefs to get messy and start playing!
To download Toca Kitchen 2 from Google Play, click here.

2. Masha and Bear 

Masha and Bear’s game is a similar name to the oldest Russian show on TV. It has downloaded 302,892 users. It’s a mobile version and an educationally useful game. On Google Play, you can find the two separate names of educational games. Children learn at the age of 2 to 9 years with tremendous knowledge. The graphical user interface is primarily the playing. These are Google Play’s best-known education games. To download Masha and Bear from Google Play, click here.

3. Piano Kids

Piano Kids is an educational music game. It will build the interest of music learning in your children and create a path or learning piano. By playing this game, one can easily identify most of the sounds of the instruments. By playing this game, your children will explore music. Parents find difficulty in finding little kids’ games. So now, your search is over as babies love to play this game.

This is a kind of educational game for kids. Your child will improve his skills, not only in music. Piano Kids helps to develop memory, concentration, imagination, and creativity as well as motor skills, intellect, sensory, and speech. To download Piano Kids, Click Here.

4. Duddu

Barbuda is basically a developer studio and has released tons of kids’ games. All the games are amazing. The most famous game of this studio is Babbu. Duddu is a new virtual pet. The gamer is welcomed at Duddu home and will find out other secrets about your pet’s life. This is the most suited game for 3-year-olds. Kids love to play this game as they explore adventures at Duddu’s home. To play Duddu, click here.

5. Lare Croft Go

Lara Croft GO is an adventure game that will build your kid’s interest and help their brain develop. In this game, one has to explore the ruins of an ancient civilization and face great challenges. The artwork is breathtaking, and the graphics and incredible. The game has a captivating soundtrack and easy swipe to move controls. No doubt, this is one of the cool games for boys. To play Lara Croft Go, Click Here.


6. ABC Kids

ABC Kids is one of the better and best educational children’s games. The Google Play Store is now free of cost. It’s a game to learn ABC’s with the difference between upper and lower cases. It is also a basic way of teaching English words. Enjoy, and fun children are rewarded with different activities for playing sports. For small ones, the games are helpful. Developers focus on numerous educational games. Do you want to play Alone? Click Here.

7. Candy Fashion Dress Up & Makeup Game

Candy Fashion Dress Up & Makeup is the best Android kids game for girls. This game will be loved by girls who love to do a makeover. It’s one of the newest and sweetest dress up games. Katie is a barbie in games who like candy more than anyone. See here dress up and makeup rooms and help her dress up with candy-themed items! This is one of the best kids app and falls in the list of 4 years old game. To download the Candy Fashion Dress Up and Makeup game click here.

8. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids provides young children with educational games and books. This app not only has a robust language curriculum, reading, math, and general language, it allows all learning activities to be personalized to meet the problem areas of kids. Furthermore, the whimsical style means your children have a blast while they learn, which makes this release a total win in the book. To download the Khan Academy Kids game, click here.

9. Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is an educational application by Originator Inc. and was designed with interactive puzzles to teach children the alphabet of adorable monsters. 100 words are to be explored and learned, but only seven puzzles are free from the start. If you like what you see, then you can unlock the entirety of the title through a single in-app purchase. To download the Endless Alphabet game, click here.

10. My Very Hungry Caterpillar

My Very Hungry Caterpillar is a virtual pet game that stars the book line of the Caterpillar. This helps players to feed, draw, pick it up, or look quickly at the caterpillar. It would be the player’s task to help him explore nature through fruits, ponds, or flowers. It’s a stress-free pet game that’s perfect for children; what’s not to like. To download the My Very Hungry Caterpillar game, click here.

11. Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

Sesame Workshop has recently extended its digital world with several Android games after years of quality educational content on TV. Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen, an application for vocabulary building, is among the most excellent titles for your kids. This is done by mixing letter sounds to create words in a fun setting in Sesame Street. To download the Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen game, click here.

12. Alone

This is the best game for those kids who love to watch space cartoons. Alone is a handcrafted, intense survival journey through space. The android game features Navigate caves, rocky debris, and full-on adventure. This is also considered one of the best kids games for boys as usually, boys like to play such games.
The players slide their fingers to direct the ship up or down before inevitably crashing into the rocky floor or walls (or asteroid!) It has a lot of replay value – it is relentless every single time you play! Do you want to play Alone? Click Here.

13. Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose

Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose is a maths game for an educational enjoyment purpose. Children between ages 4 will love this game to 8 years. Children can easily learn math: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurements, and geometry. This is one of the best apps for preschoolers. Download Duck Duck Moose’s from Google play by clicking here.

14. Road Trip – Endless Driver

Road Trip game is the best for kids who love to wander on roads for exploring new things. The game has simple swipe controls that are easy for kids of all ages. Road Trip has 33 cars that can be unlocked without in-app purchases. Due to this, kids can easily play without asking you to pay money. Usually, there are not many car games for girls. However, this game will be loved by both sexes equally. This game will be loved by kids who love to play cars oriented games. To download Road Trip from Google Play Store, Click Here.


15. Doug Dug

Doug dug is my favorite game. Doug is actually a Dwarf who does not love digging. He likes to find buried treasure. One day Doug decided to gather as much treasure from as deep under the earth as he could go. When he dug, he fought monsters and avoided massive avalanches of falling rock. And then he dug some more. And he picked up lots of bling. Doug Dug is all about high scores. To download this, Doug Dug from Google Play Store, Click Here.

16. Ordia

Nothing new in smartphone games is the use of Slingshot movement mechanics. Without a doubt, Angry Birds was one of the first mechanisms to popularise, and few launches were satisfied. The newest update to take this mantle is a new contestant called Ordia. All you have to do is slingshot your way from one end of the stage to the other, but of course, as soon as you hit any later stages, you’re more likely to encounter some obstacles while you are navigating to the end of the stage. This involves a lot of hand-eye coordination, so you want to be sure your form can do the release before it is turned over to you. To download this Ordia from Google Play Store, Click Here.

17. Thinkrolls 2 – Logic Puzzles

Avokiddo is another child-centered publisher of the highest quality that publishes highly polished ethical apps. Think Roll 2 – Logic Puzzles, a logic puzzle for 3-9 years old children, is one of their most famous games. The pictures are bright and vibrant, the controls are instant, and the lack of in-app purchases and advertising alleviates any fears that the title has to be expended on the initial asking price. To download this Thinkrolls 2 from Google Play Store, Click Here.

18. Human Heroes Einstein On-Time

Human Heroes Einstein On Time is an educational game that is the best way to learn how to tell time for every kid. Albert Einstein is the star of the title, and the English actor Stephen Fry is the voice of it. Kids have the chance to be educated by the creator of the theory of relativity through this revolutionary education experience himself! The game is very polished, and the voice work is clearly excellent. Children might also ask him questions about his life and knowledge. Moreover, it’s a premium release, meaning you don’t have to think about your children playing and ads or in-app purchasing. To download this Human Heroes Einstein On-Time from Google Play Store, Click Here.

19. Sago Mini Robot Party

The Sago Mini Robot Party is about allowing your child’s creativity to shine by making a variety of robots from hundreds of different robot parts. You can mix or match your liking, all to collect the fastest creations you can imagine. And if robots aren’t the main interest of your child, I would highly suggest trying out the other games in Sago Mini. Each one is directed at preschool children and provides absolutely confident activities that can be appreciated by any parent. To download this Sago Mini Robot Party from Google Play Store, Click Here.

20. Gocco Zoo – Paint & Play

Gocco Zoo is a fun game for raising and painting zoo animals. Heck, if that’s what floats your boat, you can also event new animal species. This is basically a title that combines the enjoyment of a painting app with digital creations’ excitement. So if you love to feed and slather wonderfully colored creatures, then this is your game, you weirdo. To download this Gocco Zoo – Paint & Play from Google Play Store, Click Here.

With over a million choices in the Google Play Store, it can be tough to decide which apps are really worth downloading for your Android phone or tablet. We’ve made it easy for you to decide what’s right for your family with this list of our favorite Android titles for kids. If you want to download the game, click here. 

21) Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is one of the best android games for kids. During the gameplay, you and your buddies will create a campground together with Isabelle’s help. For youngsters, it’s a delightful, wholesome experience. After you’ve finished constructing the campground, you may engage in enjoyable activities like going fishing or bug-hunting. As the game is intended for touch controllers, redecorating your campground is simple. If you want to download the game, click here. 

22) Poio:

Poio is one of the best Android games for kids with a number of features. It appears that the game takes players through the entire reading process in an effort to educate kids. The game adjusts to your child as they gain knowledge. However, it is quite an expensive game, and due to its $18.99 pricing, it doesn’t have many Google Play reviews. Nevertheless, those who decided to play the game appear to like it. If you want to download the game, click here.

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Final words:

So these were the best games for toddlers. All the best games for kids are totally free. There are hours of fun to be found in the games listed above, but in case the selection doesn’t quite fit your style, we’re always on the lookout for great new games. Let us know in the comments below. Not every kid likes to play these sweet games. More people like adventure games, which keep them easy till the end. Adventure games have the elements of puzzle gameplay with narrative storytelling to deliver more cerebral pleasures than visceral ones

We have jotted down the ten best Adventure games for our readers. To find their names click here.

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